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Winter Workshops and Classes Open to the Public at Our Minneapolis Massage School

07 Nov 2016

Did you know that the Continuing Education department at our Minneapolis massage and shiatsu therapy school isn’t just for bodywork professionals?  

That’s right; many of our continuing education workshops and classes are open to the public, even those with no prior bodywork training. Some of the classes are designed to give you a taste of what massage or shiatsu is like, while in others we present helpful wellness techniques. And this winter is no different. We’ve got a number of classes coming up that are open to anyone.

  • Massage Basics (December 10, 2016): Whether you are considering a career as a massage therapist or you’d just like to learn some basic massage techniques, this class is for you! During this six-hour class you’ll both give and receive a massage.
  • Reiki – Level I (December 11, 2016): Here’s a great introduction to an energetic healing technique that involves gentle touch or no touch.  While holistic health care providers may find this a useful skill to add to their repertoire, this class is open to anyone who desires to tap into the body’s own healing energy.  Reiki can be beneficial for self-care or working with others.
  • First Aid and Adult CPR (January 5, 2017): These two classes may be taken separately, or you may wish to register for both.  First Aid will be presented in the morning, and we’ll continue with Adult CPR in the afternoon. Class instructors are CenterPoint Faculty who are certified as American Heart Association’s First Aid/CPR/AED trainers. Completion of either of these courses will give you a two-year certification.
  • Shiatsu Basics (January 21, 2017): This one-day class is a basic introduction to shiatsu, the other bodywork therapy we offer training in at our school. Like the Massage Basics class, it’s designed for both those who may be considering a career as a shiatsu therapist or simply have a desire to learn some basic shiatsu techniques to be able to help friends and family.
  • Tai Chi Gong (12 Wednesdays, beginning January 25, 2017): This is a blend Eastern martial arts technique that is internally focused. You will learn to develop mindfulness and strengthen your mind-body connection through meditative movements that have healing benefits to energize the body and calm the mind.

Each of these classes has a registration deadline, so if you or anyone you know is interested, check out the class information and registration details by clicking on the course title.


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