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Posts Tagged ‘Massage for geriatric clients

Elderly Fastest Growing Population: Opportunities For Geriatric Massage

18 Jun 2012

The fastest growing population group is the over 80's. Improved diet and better health care, means many of these over 80 people remain active, busy, and continue to live their lives. However, there are the over 80 group who the effects of aging and inactivity means the lives they live are in sharp contrast. Pains, aches, stiffness, and illness and injuries plague them.One of the fastest growing professional massage opportunities is for geriatric clients.  It's never too late to benefit from massage. Even people in their 90's can benefit from a fitness plan and massage. Old age isn't a time ...

FREE CHAIR MASSAGE at CenterPoint Student Clinic Open House May 19th 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM

09 May 2012

Please join us on Saturday, May 19th from 11:00 AM - 2:00 PM for the CenterPoint Student Clinic Open House. CenterPoint Massage & Shiatsu School is located in St. Louis Park, Minnesota at 5300 West 35th St. just across the street from L.A. Fitness. We have a fabulous student clinic that offers discounted massage and shiatsu appointments to the general public. Our highly trained students would love to get their hands on you! To introduce ourselves to you, we invite you to attend our Student Clinic Open House on Saturday, May 19th from 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM. It’s FREE ...

Specialized Therapeutic Bodywork for Special Populations Training: Mondays, April 30 – August 13 • 6 – 10 pm Register by April 13

11 Apr 2012

What do pregnant women, athletes, geriatric clients; people with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and survivors of trauma and abuse have in common? All of these special populations have been found to find the benefit of well being from massage therapy. Cancer survivors and patients, HIV patients, athletes, survivors of trauma and abuse are all similar when they say that massage therapy has and does play a very important place in their lives. At whatever point they each may be in their individual journeys one thing comes out in study after study. Well-trained therapeutic bodywork professional can make a real ...

Therapeutic Bodywork for Geriatric Care 2 Mondays, April 30 & May 7 • 6 – 10 pm Register by April 20

11 Apr 2012

The benefits of regular geriatric massage for geriatric clients are impressive. Massage therapy helps improve the general quality of their lives. It can help to relieve stress and depression. It also helps with loneliness as they have someone else who is interested in the quality of their overall heath. Plus it helps with a major problem many geriatric clients have which is the quality and length of their sleep times. The “baby boomer” generation knows the benefits of bodywork and massage. In the U.S. they are the largest demographic group that regularly seeks massage therapy. This means a lot of massage ...

Hospitals Add Massage Therapists To Treatment Plans To Reduce Pain and Insomnia

17 Jan 2012

Staying in a hospital is stressful enough since patients are typically are typically concerned about their illness or injury. Considering their pain, anxieties, and concerns about upcoming surgeries or procedures it’s no wonder they often feel stressed. Plus, it's a strange environment with strangers who are the caregivers. These situations can cause patients to experience more pain and difficulty sleeping. Patients in the hospital experience a different type of touching than what they are used to in their personal lives. Most of that touching is caring and expressive touch. In a hospital because of the business at hand the touching ...

Professional Opportunities: Treating the Osteoarthritis 50+ Crowd

17 Jan 2012

 It’s true that osteoarthritis affects nearly 80% of those 50 years or older. That doesn’t leave many people who won’t have some problems with their joints. It is a much-needed skill offering massage therapy to this group of people. It also offers a good professional opportunity for therapeutic bodywork professionals to get classes on dealing with this condition and geriatric patients.  Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease. It affects hands, hips, knees, and the spine. It usually is a natural result of the aging process. It can also be due to hard work and use of these different parts. What ...

Therapeutic Bodywork for Geriatric Clients Course: Sept 12 & 19

19 Oct 2011

Providing massage for geriatric clients requires the bodywork therapist to consider the differences between the elderly and younger people. Geriatric clients can be in great health, and they can be people with medical situations that you need to consider. Most elderly people have at least some medical conditions that you need to think about when performing the massage. Extra tender loving care is required when working with older clients because they often have fragility and sensitivity to touch. This course will provide specialized training and help the massage therapist or bodywork professional. IT also offers a blend of massage and ...

Extra Tender Loving Care: Therapeutic Bodywork for Geriatric Clients Course: Sept 12 & 19

10 Jun 2011

The massage techniques used for geriatric or older patients is similar to massage techniques used for regular adults. What is different is the massage therapist needs to keep foremost in their mind that extra tender loving care is needed when working with an aging body. This course will cover specific issues common to older clients who may have increased fragility and sensitivity to touch. As people go through life they gather a list of areas or needs due to injuries, use, and life in general. As people age those lists some time get longer. Getting special training in geriatric massage ...

Fine Tune Your Bodywork Skills to Support an Aging Population | Massage & Shiatsu Therapy School Minnesota

07 Dec 2010

It's probably no surprise to anyone, but Americans are getting older.  Aging baby boomers represent a large segment of the population.   The average age of Americans increases every year.  And according to the AMTA's 2010 Massage Profession Research Report, the largest growth is in the oldest segment of the population (age 85 and up).  Due to a variety of factors, Americans are simply living longer.  It's estimated that between 2010-2050 the number of those age 70-85 will double.  If your clientele has been mostly younger people, you may want to consider incorporating some adaptive skills into your repertoire in order to reach this specialized group ...