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Foot & Hand Reflexology

(2.0 credit hours, 45 clock hours)


The ancients worldwide knew the power of pressing points on the feet and hands to increase health and well-being. Discover what they knew!  The hands and feet contain points and regions that correspond to all the body’s structures and functions, making reflexology an ideal adjunctive technique for any of CenterPoint’s programs. Reflexology is based on the holistic model of the body, and makes use of the concept that the whole is reflected in each of the parts.  In this fun and exciting course, you will learn the detailed maps of the hands and feet, the techniques to make your reflexology work effective and therapeutic. Students learn:

  • Why some conditions are best addressed on feet or hands
  • Traditional Thumb-Walking
  • Non-traditional techniques to save your thumbs
  • Condition specific protocols
  • Add-on techniques such as foot soaks, paraffin dips & aromatherapeutic lotions
  • Basic Aromatherapy with specific application to energetic Chakra points on the feet. In addition, students are introduced to Aromatherapy with Essential Oils which are integrated into foot and hand treatments.


Reflexology can serve as a stand-alone therapy, or be combined with your other tools and techniques for spa, salon, fitness center, or private practice. There will be many opportunities to experience the healing effects of hand and foot reflexology, and practice your technique during the in-class practice on the other participants. This course is recommended for students who wish to work in the Spa industry.


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