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Some Reasons Why Getting a Massage Regularly Is a Good Idea

23 Oct 2017

As a Minneapolis wellness school that specializes in massage therapy training, we think it’s high time people stop thinking about massage as a just a luxury and realize it can be a very important component in a healthy lifestyle.

Yes, spa-type services have their place, and every once in awhile having a luxurious, relaxing massage simply for the benefit of feeling pampered can be the right thing to do. But did you know that getting a massage on a regular basis has health benefits as well?

There’s nothing wrong with getting a spa-type massage; in fact, sometimes being able to relax and just feel those tensions float away might be just what you need. In this post, we’d like to talk about specific health benefits you may not be aware of.

First of all, you should know that there is a difference between a massage practitioner and a massage therapist. A massage practitioner usually works at a spa, a chain like Massage Envy, a resort or hotel, or even a cruise ship. A massage therapist may be in solo practice, but it’s not uncommon for a massage therapist to work in conjunction with an allied health care professional like a chiropractor or physical therapist. Some even practice in hospitals and medical clinics. (Massage as part of post-op care has become routine in many facilities.)

Also, a massage therapist has had longer and more medically-focused training than a massage practitioner. Massage therapists typically have in-depth instruction in anatomy and physiology that massage practitioner’s don’t need. Some massage therapists even have associate of applied science degrees from schools such as ours. (In fact, we offer three distinct training paths for those seeking a career in the massage field, as well as training in shiatsu therapy.)

One Major Benefit of Getting Regular Massages

Getting a massage on a regular basis can be a very important component of a health and wellness routine, whether you’re recovering from an illness or injury or you just want to maintain optimum health. One major benefit is improved, increased circulation. Why is good circulation important? It affects every part of your body.

  • Adequate circulation of both blood and lymph is crucial to a healthy immune system
  • Good circulation of oxygen-rich blood is required for tissue repair, whether you’ve just had surgery, an extended illness, or your muscles are overworked from an intense athletic competition or workout
  • Poor circulation means fatigue and lack of energy; boost your circulation and you’ll feel the difference!
  • Inadequate circulation can lead to such diverse things as hair loss, dizziness, cold extremities, poor digestion, and fluid retention in your hands, legs, and feet (edema)
  • Good circulation is required to eliminate metabolized waste products from the body
  • Improving your circulation can lower your blood pressure

Regular massage – such as once a month – can do a lot more for you as well. In our next post we’ll explore some of the other benefits you can realize by seeing your massage therapist on a regular basis.

Don’t have a massage therapist? Then we’d love to help you in our Student Clinic. Students in our massage and shiatsu programs get supervised hands-on experience in the clinic near the end of their training. And you get bodywork at reduced prices! Appointments are available most Fridays and Saturdays – why not contact us and get on the schedule for this weekend and see for yourself just what massage therapy can do for your health.  




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