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Ouch! Sprains and Strains, What to do? Massage Helps!

18 Jun 2012

What is the difference between a sprain and a strain? What can we learn from how they happen?

A sprain occurs when there is a tearing of a ligament (the connective tissue that links bones together at the joint). The most common sprains are in the ankle, knee, elbow, or wrist. Strains are tears in the muscle tissue. They occur most often in the muscles that support the calf, groin, shoulder, and thigh. Both sprains and strains can be severe and need weeks of rehabilitation. Usually they are minor injuries that are the result of sports, exercise, and other physical activity. Although, a large number of people also get injured in their own homes falling down the steps or tripping. Other contributing factors are not warming up before physical activity, not being conditioned, and exercising when your bones and muscles are already tired

Sprains typically happen when a twisting force is applied to a joint while it is bearing the weight and the ligament has to stretch beyond its normal capacity. An unexpected turn, twist, fall or a sudden movement can do it. Muscle strains occur when the weight on that muscle is greater than what the weakest part of it can handle. Whenever you are expecting your muscle to stretch and handle some weight at the same time, you are at some risk. Some studies have shown that if a person has limited flexibility or has been injured before they have a higher rate of probability to be injured and get either a sprain or strain.

What can be done one there is a sprain or strain injury? Gentle massage can help in both situations. Many Doctors recommend massage therapy or therapeutic bodywork. If they recommend massage with a trained professional massage therapist as an appropriate treatment. One of the best things about massage is it relieves tension. It also helps to drain away the fluid and blood, which are the main causes of swelling.

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