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Lymph Drainage Massage: A Great Way to Boost Wellness

24 Oct 2014

With winter coming on, one of the best things a massage or shiatsu therapist can offer to clients is natural wellness support.  In the colder weather we’re indoors more, and this means more exposure to bacteria and viruses.  Attacks on our immunity can tax the lymph system, a major player in our health.  But lymph drainage massage (also known as lymphatic massage) can help enhance the work of the lymph system and encourage the body’s natural healthy responses. 

The Basics of the Lymph System

The lymphatic system is similar to the body’s blood circulation system, and just as important.  Tiny vessel circulate lymph fluid. These vessels and their associated lymph nodes are the main components of the body’s immune system.  The circulating fluid carries lymphocytes – cells that attack and destroy bacteria, viruses, and even cancer cells.  Waste products are carried to the bloodstream and removed from the body.  When the lymph system is working well, we feel great.  But when it’s backed up from a variety of things such as surgery or injury, the lymph can’t do its job and we feel tired and are susceptible to more illness. 

What is Lymph Drainage Massage

Lymphatic massage is a gentle technique that a bodywork therapist can use to help the lymph system do what it was designed to do.  Circular motions with rhythmic, light pressure stimulate a sluggish lymph system, encouraging a greater flow of fluid.  The results are greater openings in the fluid pathways, aiding in removal of toxins and waste products as well as enhancing the flow of the cleansing lymph fluid. 

Reasons to Seek Lymph Massage

Lymph drainage massage can be beneficial in a variety of health circumstances, including:

  • Post surgery:  Swelling (or edema) is common following surgery; lymph drainage massage can help reduce tissue swelling from fluid retention
  • Lack of energy and fatigue: By enhancing the lymph flow, vitality can be increased. This can be especially beneficial for those who suffer from chronic fatigue
  • Recovery from injury: Like surgery, an injury can produce swelling and inflammation, but lymph drainage massage can offer help here, too
  • Overall wellness: Keeping the lymph system in optimal shape can help the body ward off illness, so regular lymphatic massage can be a great way to stay in good health
  • Skin problems:  Specially-trained estheticians offer facial lymph drainage massage, which can lead to clearer skin

It is recommended that those who have recently had an injury or surgery, as well as those with chronic conditions, get the okay of their doctors before receiving lymph drainage massage.  And because it’s important to move the lymph in particular directions and with specific motions, it should be performed by a bodywork therapist who has been trained in this technique.  If you are a bodywork therapist who has at least 120 hours of bodywork therapy and 90 hours of anatomy and physiology training, have we got the course for you!  Starting January 8, 2015 we’re offering a continuing education class in Lymph Drainage Massage.  Registration is due by December 26th.  For course details and registration information, click here

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