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Health Restorative Bodywork Therapy

(2 credit hours, 45 clock hours)

Lymph Drainage Massage

Most bodywork therapists encounter clients who experience symptoms of chronic exhaustion and depletion (CED). Health Restorative Bodywork Therapy is a course designed to give practitioners from all bodywork modalities skills to assess and treat CED. In this course, students learn to evaluate primary patterns, signs and symptoms of CED. Students are introduced to dietary therapy, infrared therapy, craniosacral therapy-inspired techniques, auriculotherapy and the use of therapeutic magnets as tools to address symptoms of CED.

Additionally, students learn and practice a self-care routine designed to restore and maintain both health and wellness. The core of this course centers on application of the techniques learned to treat CED. Through practice on one another and self monitoring of symptoms, students accumulate data on their own progress. This data is presented as a part of the capstone project at the end of the term. The capstone includes research findings, results and experiences with treating CED and the experience of regularly practicing the self-care routines.



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