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Financial Aid

Don’t let the lack of funds stand in the way of your career plans!

Our Tuition Specialists have the experience to assist you in exploring many available financial resources. When you choose CenterPoint, you will receive the education, experience and reputation that employers appreciate! Learn about financing your education at: How to Finance My Tuition.


What Financial Aid is Available to You?

CenterPoint participates with federal, state, and private funding programs. The following is a list of easy and affordable financing options.

Federal Student Aid
Title IV Funding/Federal Student Aid are programs through the U.S. Department of Education for eligible students to pay for tuition and educational expenses. To apply, submit a FAFSA online at www.studentloans.gov. CenterPoint’s School Code is: 041488

Pell Grant – The Pell Grant does not have to be repaid. If you do not already have a bachelors’ degree and demonstrate financial need, you may be eligible.

Subsidized Direct Loan – A long-term, low-interest loan based on need. You pay interest only while you are in school.

Unsubsidized Direct Loan – A long-term, low-interest loan. Financial need is not required. You pay interest only while you are in school.

PLUS Loan – PLUS Loans allow parents of dependent students to fund the total cost of education through a Federal PLUS Loan.

Minnesota SELF Loan
The Minnesota SELF Loan program offers low-interest, long-term loans to Minnesota students administered by Minnesota Office of Higher Education. You must have a creditworthy cosigner to be eligible. Students who are enrolled in any of CenterPoint’s programs that are at least 900 clock hours may qualify for the Grade Level 1 loan. In addition, students enrolled in the East West program may qualify for an additional amount at Grade Level 2 after the completion of 900 cumulative clock hours. For additional information and to apply, visit: www.selfloan.org

Sallie Mae Loans
Sallie Mae provides private, long-term student loans. You may receive funds for tuition, books, equipment, supplies, and limited living expenses. The interest rate varies based upon creditworthiness. To apply online, visit: www.salliemae.com

VA Benefits
Eligible military veterans and dependents can use GI bill funds through www.GiBill.gov to attend CenterPoint.

Dislocated Worker Program
Eligible workers who have been laid off may qualify to receive funds to attend CenterPoint. Contact the Minnesota Department of Employment and Economic Security, or contact CenterPoint’s Admissions Representative for information.

CenterPoint Payment Plans
Students have the option of financing part or all of their tuition through CenterPoint payment plans. This option is for students who are able to make substantial monthly payments. All CenterPoint finance plans include interest and/or fees and are to be paid in full prior to graduation.

Helpful Links to Financing Your Tuition

CenterPoint’s School Code for Federal Aid is: 04148800

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