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FAQ CenterPoint on the Move!

11 Oct 2010

Answers to Frequently Asked Questions about CenterPoint’s future location.

Don’t see your question? Email it to NewLocation@CenterPointMN.com and we’ll answer it!  For photos, check out the photo album on the PHOTOS tab on our Facebook page!

Q: It would be great to have Wi-Fi access in the new location. Any chance that will happen?

A: You got it! The entire new CenterPoint facility will have free WiFi wireless internet access.

Q: Are CenterPoint students eligible for any discount bus passes like students at the U of M can get?

A: Great question! We contacted the MTC and discovered we are eligible to offer the Go-to-College pass to our students. We are selling them in December 2010 to students with a valid CenterPoint I.D. to be used starting in January 2011. They are a great value! See Barb at Reception for more information.

Q: What’s the future address of CenterPoint?

A: 5300 W. 35th St., St. Louis Park, MN  55416-2653.

Q: When are you moving?

A: The plan is to be all moved in and ready to go when Winter semester starts in January 2011.

Q: Why is CenterPoint moving?

A: When our lease came up for renewal, we were informed that our current building was no longer offering long term leases.

Q: Why St. Louis Park?

A: After mapping out the home locations of all of our students, it was clear that the most central location was west and slightly south of Minneapolis, i.e. St Louis Park. Coincidentally, St Louis Park was centrally located for our clinic clients also.

Q: What changes can we expect?

A: The new location is bigger, better and has free parking!  We will have more classrooms, larger classrooms, natural lighting, and we are all on one floor.

Q: Sounds expensive. Will my tuition increase?

A: No. Actually, all of our students lock in their tuition costs for their entire program at the time they start. The new location will have no negative effect on the cost of tuition now or in the future.

Q: What do we have to pay for parking?

A: Glad you asked. Nothing, nada, zilch. Parking is FREE! It’s located right at the front door, too!

Q: Can I get there by bus?

A: Yes. While the public transportation options may be less frequent than in Dinkytown (there’s no place around with as many busses as Dinkytown!), there are still viable bussing options. For help with public transportation or carpooling, email us at NewLocation@CenterPointMN.com.

Q: Can I ride my bike?

A: Yes! The Southwest bike trail that connects with the Midtown Greenway runs just behind our building. This paved trail goes from the Kennilworth Trail near 31st and Chowen Avenue to 11th Avenue in Hopkins. It follows the rail line along Highway 7 and continues west through Hopkins to Chaska. The Southwest Trail also links east to the Kennilworth and Midtown Greenway Trails in Minneapolis.

Q: Can I get there by dogsled?

A: We are currently researching the St. Louis Park Ordinances on dogsleds.

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