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CenterPoint’s Programs

CenterPoint's Programs

Choose the program that is right for you! CenterPoint’s programs offer the depth and quality that you need to be a professional bodywork therapist. CenterPoint offer three levels of education from which to choose. In addition, you will select from a variety of elective courses that will personalize your education to fit your career goals.


Associate in Applied Science (A.A.S.)

East West Therapeutic Bodywork

This 64 credit degree program includes 24.5 credits of general education requirements and offers a unique opportunity for students to experience education that integrates an Eastern and Western curriculum that is comprehensive in scope. An Associate of Applied Science is a degree that is designed to prepare individuals for employment and is not intended as a pre-baccalaureate degree. Completion of this degree program prepares students to be an integrated therapeutic bodywork practitioner of Eastern and Western healing arts.

Diploma Programs

Shiatsu Therapy
Therapeutic Massage

These 44.5 credit (900 hour) diploma programs are designed to offer in-depth training with focused instruction and time tested curriculum in one modality. Completion of a diploma program prepares students to perform therapeutic bodywork that helps clients to rehabilitate from injury, treat and reduce chronic pain syndromes and increase overall health and wellness.

Certificate Program

Massage Practitioner

This 32 credit (600 hour) program is designed to provide students with entry-level employment skills. Completion of a certificate program prepares students to perform massage that promotes relaxation and stress reduction.

Elective Courses

In addition to your program of choice, you will select from a variety of elective courses that will personalize your education to fit your career goals. CenterPoint’s elective courses offer introductory training in a variety of specialty areas. Each degree program includes one elective course to enhance your future professional practice. Students are encouraged to add additional electives to their program to specialize their education. Special additional elective pricing is available for current students. Set yourself apart as a practitioner by learning multiple additional modalities.

General Education and Program Specific Courses

The General Education Courses are the required courses that are common to all of CenterPoint’s diploma programs. Students in all programs learn together in these courses. An interdisciplinary spirit creates a stimulating learning environment for all students. The required courses specific to each diploma program are listed. A CenterPoint Diploma will be awarded upon successful completion of all courses and requirements within a program.

Learning Outcomes for all CenterPoint Programs

Upon completion of any of the CenterPoint programs, the student is prepared to:

1. Interact with clients in an effective manner that fosters mutual respect.

2. Assess clients employing a working knowledge of Eastern and/or Western sciences and assessment techniques in order to create client-centered sessions.

3. Communicate with clients in a personal, therapeutic, and professional manner.

4. Discuss with clients the holistic perspective of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual effects of therapeutic bodywork, including their benefits and limitations.

5. Perform professional business and legal practices, and make ethical and socially appropriate decisions including the ethical responsibilities and boundaries of the therapist-client relationship.

6. Be familiar with state guidelines, including the Client Bill of Rights, to maintain an appropriate scope of practice and to engage in appropriate referral to other health professionals when necessary.

7. Make use of self-awareness tools for personal health and well being, and serve as a role model for healthy lifestyle practices to clients.

8. Continue to develop and enhance self-awareness and self-esteem as a therapist.

9. Read and understand textbooks, journal articles, web sites, research reports, and other resources containing basic health information.

10. Promote wellness and healthful living through client education and community involvement from a holistic perspective.

11. Be employed as a therapeutic bodywork professional, and/or establish a bodywork practice using the knowledge and skills acquired through their CenterPoint education.

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