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Bodywork Therapists: Warm Up Your Winter with a New Continuing Ed Class at Our Minneapolis School

25 Jan 2017

Winters here in the Minneapolis area can be brutal.  So rather than brave the outdoor cold, if you're a massage or shiatsu therapist, why not register for one of our upcoming continuing education classes and 'warm up' your bodywork skills? Here's what is on our schedule for the next couple of months: Upcoming Bodywork Continuing Education Classes Advanced Asian Bodywork Therapy: This one is for shiatsu professionals only. It's a chance to take your shiatsu and TCM techniques even deeper, especially your assessment skills. The class also includes medical qigong. Three weekends, beginning February 4th. Register by January 20th to ...

Massage Therapy Research Shows Benefits for Seniors

23 Dec 2016

If you were to do an internet search on the benefits of massage for the older population, you'd find quite a bit. And the number of those articles is growing all the time. That's because this segment of the population is growing. The baby boomers - the largest generation in terms of numbers - is quickly turning 65 (or older). Those age 65 or older currently make up about 13% of the population, and that is expected to exceed 19.5% by 2030, with a large portion of that group being 80 or older. And not only are those in this ...

Olympic Athletes Cheer for Cupping

10 Aug 2016

Have you been following the Summer Olympics in Rio? Then you know the U.S. Swim Team has been making a splash - for a lot of reasons. In addition to outstanding and record times, photos have hit the news of Michael Phelps with circular marks on his body. Just keep reading and you'll find out why this is news that bodywork therapists all across the U.S. are applauding.   [caption id="attachment_11086" align="alignright" width="460"] (photo courtesy of The Washington Post)[/caption] Those familiar with the ancient Eastern bodywork technique called cupping know exactly what those marks are. Now the rest of the ...

What Massage Type Do You Need? Part 1: Muscles

04 Jul 2016

What's the best type of massage to get? It depends on your purpose.  People seek massage for many different reasons. Some have a specific condition they’re hoping to address, others hope to improve their overall health, while others simply want a deeper state of relaxation than what they already have. Your goals are what will dictate what type of massage will work best for you. While there’s no need to become an expert on all things body working to reap the rewards of the experience, having an understanding of the different techniques can help. Over the course of the next ...

Bodywork for Arthritis of the Spine

29 Jan 2016

As the greater portion of the U.S. population approaches retirement age, massage and shiatsu therapists may find their skills are in demand for relief of common age-related health issues, including arthritis.  One arthritic condition that responds well to bodywork is ankylosing spondylitis, or arthritic inflammation of the spinal joints. With this condition, the spine becomes stiff and inflexible.  Often medications are prescribed, but some who suffer from this condition are finding relief through a more natural approach - massage and shiatsu therapy. Arthritic inflammation of the joints of the spine can result in fusion of two or more joints, which ...

How Massage Therapists Can Make Use of Current Spa Trends

25 Nov 2015

You don't have to own a spa to get in on the trends this year.  With these tips, massage therapists can incorporate these popular trends into their own practices and offer their clients an individualized spa-type experience, even if your office isn't spa-like. Spa Trends for MT's to Add Custom-blended aromatherapy:  Do-it-yourself opportunities are everywhere, and may spas are offering DIY aromatherapy, where the client is given a variety of essential oils and helped to create a unique blend that appeals to them.  Carrier oils are provided as well as the raw materials for body scrubs and bath salts. How ...

Massage Can Help Older Adults Age Gracefully

21 Aug 2015

We may not want to admit it, but we're all getting older, and with that comes age-related degeneration of the body, no matter how good we are at taking care of it and pursuing a healthy lifestyle.  That's normal, even if you're active.  As we age, there are 8 major areas of our bodies that are affected:Memory:  As we get older, memory loss and forgetfulness can be common.  Research has demonstrated that active adults can remain extremely alert, but it's not unusual for it to take longer to recall something.  Taking longer to do anything is a natural part of ...

Interview with the Award-Winning Blythe M. Davis

05 Jan 2015

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Blythe M. Davis, a 2012 graduate of CenterPoint’s East West Therapeutic Bodywork program, about her experiences as a student, starting her own business and being named “Best Massage” by the Minneapolis Happenings online magazine. We are so proud to find yet another one of our graduates in the news! What were you doing before you came to school for bodywork?Oh my gosh, what didn’t I do? Let me see…I am kind of a Jill-of-All-Trades. I have never had a desk job since graduating college in the early 2000’s. I’ve done a number ...

The History of Modern Use of Aromatherapy, Part 2

22 Dec 2014

If you already read Part 1 of this series on aromatherapy's history, you know its background stretches back for centuries.  And Americans are coming to understand that it has therapeutic benefits for mind and body.  But how did it become so popular in modern times?  As often happens, it was the result of an unfortunate accident.In 1928, a French chemist, Rene-Maurice Gattefosse, suffered third-degree burns to while working in his family's perfumerie.  Almost without thinking, he thrust his arm into the closest cool liquid, which happened to be a vat of lavender oil.  Imagine his surprise at finding it relieved ...

Research Shows Modern Health Issues Can Be Addressed with Ancient Bodywork Techniques

03 Dec 2014

Western medicine often focuses on treatment of symptoms via drugs and/or surgery; Eastern medicine focuses on wellness through natural, holistic practices, including bodywork techniques such as massage and shiatsu.  Massage and shiatsu therapies are safe and effective, and unlike drugs have no unpleasant side effects and are nonaddictive.More and more studies are showing that massage offers great promise for treatment of a variety of mental and physical health issues, sometimes even surpassing results from mainstream medical treatment.  The Touch Institute at the University of Miami Medical School is conducting ongoing research into the benefit of massage therapy for specific conditions.  ...