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Traditional Chinese Medicine Category

Auricular Therapy: Relief Could Be All in Your Ears

24 May 2017

Many people are aware of points in the body that can be stimulated or otherwise manipulated to affect one's health. For example, reflexology makes use of areas on the hands or feet. Acupuncture and acupressure work with very specific energy pathway points. One technique even uses areas on the ear: auricular therapy, also known as ear acupuncture. The major benefit of this modality is for pain relief. And since pain is one of the top reasons people seek out the services of a massage therapist, if you're a bodywork professional you may want to consider adding this technique to your ...

You Can Blossom With Traditional Chinese Medicine This Allergy Season

27 Apr 2016

Spring is here! Leaves are popping out, songbirds are returning and millions of people are now dealing with sinus congestion and burning eyes. The awakening springtime brings is generally beautiful, but allergies are something most of us wish would just go away. It’s next to impossible to avoid allergens, and over the counter medications aren’t for everyone. Fortunately, Traditional Chinese Medicine has proven effective for many allergy sufferers. This article from The Huffington Post explains more about how it works and its level of effectiveness. If you're interested in learning how to practice this ancient form of healing, in-depth training ...

Enhance Relaxation With Gua Sha, An Ancient Therapy

04 Mar 2016

Traditional Chinese Medicine is full of practices geared towards loosening up stagnant energy. One of the lesser known, but just as effective, techniques is Gua Sha, also known as dermal friction. This technique uses an instrument with a smooth edge, lubricated with massage oil, to apply short or long strokes either directly on the painful area or on the areas parallel to the spine. Much like cupping, Gua Sha breaks up stagnant energy and enhances circulation by encouraging blood to rise to the skin’s surface. In this way, it’s a great complement to acupuncture and other bodywork therapies. In this ...

TCM Could Hold the Key to Food Allergy Relief

13 Jul 2015

Have you noticed that food allergies in the U.S. seem to be on the rise?  Perhaps as a nation we're becoming more sensitive to food, or maybe it's that people are finally getting accurate diagnoses on problems they've been having for a long time.  Whatever the reason, more and more Americans are seeking help for food allergies and sensitivities, with one of the most common ones being peanuts.  This is particularly important, as peanut butter is a staple in many households.Peanut allergies are serious, and for someone who's got a peanut allergy, accidentally consuming a peanut product can cause a severe ...

More on the 5 Basic Categories of TCM

01 Jul 2015

This post is an expansion of our previous post, Traditional Chinese Medicine:  5 Basic Modalities.Herbal medicine is what many Westerners identify with TCM.  Use of herbs and other natural materials used alone or in combination has been used by cultures worldwide for thousands of years.  TCM healers work with over 5,000 different herbs.  These herbal medicines may offer the same relief as prescription medicines, without the unpleasant or addictive side effects.  Acupuncture  is another common TCM element that is known by Westerners, even if they haven't experienced it.  With acupuncture, extremely thin needles are inserted over specific energy points in ...

Traditional Chinese Medicine: 5 Basic Modalities

29 Jun 2015

Building something complex usually means using a lot of pieces, right?  Not so with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).  This holistic approach to health care draws from a variety of natural aids, but its core principles are very simple.  While this natural health care approach has a vast range of things that are included, the basics fall into only five categories.  The TCM practitioner then uses one or more of these five building blocks to construct a custom-tailored health care approach for each individual.  Unlike Western medicine, which basically isolates a symptom or body part, the TCM practitioner considers the entire ...

What Is Qi and How Does Massage Help It?

25 Mar 2015

If you're new to Eastern health philosophies, one concept you should become familiar with is 'qi' (pronounced chee, and also spelled as chi or ki).  Qi is the foundational principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), and literally translates as 'breath' or 'air,' but it is so much more.  Qi is the basis of all life and is the natural energy of any organism, including the human body.  It can be thought of as its life force or energy flow.  Qi circulates throughout the body via energy pathways, or meridians.  When qi is flowing freely and is in balance throughout the ...

What Is Traditional Chinese Medicine?

13 Mar 2015

As interest in natural health and wellness aids increases in the United States, more and more people are turning their eyes to the East for centuries-old wisdom.  Many aspects of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) are now being practiced by Americans.  While considered an alternative medicine in the U.S., in Asia its practices are mainstream and traditional.  Though TCM incorporates health care traditions arising in China, it is much more universal in the East, with many aspects of it being practiced Japan, Korea, Thailand, and other Eastern regions.  Known by other names and having its own local variations, TCM has many ...

Can Traditional Chinese Medicine Fit with Traditional Western Medicine?

12 Jan 2015

Usually when two worlds collide, the result is annihilation, but researchers are anticipating that Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) could be incorporated into what is referred to as traditional medicine in the West.  That may be surprising to some, since the philosophical basis of these two health care approaches seem to be at odds.  Traditional Chinese Medicine views the individual as a whole - body, energy, thought life, emotions; each individual is unique, and the goal is to achieve a balance in the entire body through a combination of herbal preparations and plant parts, along with other things such as bodywork ...

What Are the Five Elements of Traditional Chinese Medicine?

10 Dec 2014

Unlike most Western medical approaches, Eastern medicine - including Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and other Asian health and wellness philosophies - focuses on the individual as a whole.  The goal of Eastern medicine is to bring the entire body (physical, emotional, and spiritual) into balance rather than just treating symptoms.  While there may be cultural variations from region to region, most Eastern philosophies are based upon what is referred to as the 'Five Elements.'  This concept is cultural as well, and is incorporated in such other areas as martial arts and feng shui design.  What Are the Five Elements?The Five ...