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Tips for Massage Professionals Category

Survey Says: Current Trends in the Usage of Massage Therapy

04 Oct 2017

Something massage therapists may find helpful in order to adapt their marketing efforts as well as evaluate their need to add additional skills is the current overall picture of consumption of massage therapy services. We've been observing for quite a while the shift between massage being considered a luxury service to one helpful for health and wellness. But it also helps to know just exactly how and why the public is availing themselves of massage.   Data published in the July 15, 2017 issue of Musculoskeletal Science and Practice gives some helpful insights. A survey was done of a representative population ...

The Importance of Establishing Policies in a Bodywork Therapy Business: A New Approach

17 Jul 2017

As a massage or shiatsu therapist, if you're employed by or work as a subcontractor for another health care professional, chances are you only have to enforce the policies set by the office you work in. But if you have your own business - which significant amount of our graduates do - you're the one who needs to formulate, set, and maintain policies. While it might seem a little restrictive to think about having set policies, it's a way to protect both you and your clients. Setting office policies will also help you to keep things organized and running smoothly. ...

Tips for Bodywork Professionals Working with MS Clients

19 Jun 2017

Natural, effective pain management is the top reason people choose massage therapy, and often the pain is a result of a chronic condition or a disease. One of those diseases that has pain associated with it is multiple sclerosis (MS). And since women are more inclined to be massage consumers than men, and MS strikes women at a higher proportion than men, it seems likely that massage and shiatsu therapists will have clients from time to time with MS. Massage therapy can offer pain relief for those with MS, and it's generally safe, but there are things to keep in ...

Self-Care for Bodywork Therapists: A Lifestyle, Not an Afterthought

06 Jan 2017

Did you know that injuries sustained in the course of work account for a large portion of those who drop out of the massage and shiatsu therapy industry? And did you know that one of the best ways to avoid injury is to have a good self-care routine that you practice regularly? Self-care - which includes proper body mechanics - is a major component to a long and successful career in therapeutic bodywork. But regular and consistent bodyworker self-care takes commitment.   Do you remember how excited you were once you graduated and were about to give your first massage ...

Therapeutic Presence and Helping with Hospice Care

25 Nov 2016

When it comes to massage, people in all life stages can benefit, including those who are currently in hospice care. According to the National Hospice and Palliative Care Organization, there were between 1.6 and 1.7 million Americans in hospice care.  That's a large segment of the population who might be helped by therapeutic bodywork.   Massage Therapy for End of Life Care Gentle massage therapy can do a lot to help a dying individual cope with symptoms and work through the emotions. Because of this extreme vulnerability, they must have a safe space. One effective and calming way to achieve this ...

Co-Director and Founder Jackson Petersburg Shares Helpful Information for New Massage Therapists

24 Aug 2016

Editor's Note:  As a part of our series of interviews with our co-founders and directors, Jackson Petersburg and Cari Johnson Pelava, we recently asked Jackson if he had any advice to give new bodywork therapists. After having been a hands-on practitioner and teacher of bodywork therapy for nearly 40 years, Jackson had some great advice for those who embarking on a career in massage or shiatsu therapy. The things he shared would be helpful both to new students as well as those who have recently graduated from massage therapy school and are just getting started as professional bodywork therapists.   ...

For a Massage That Refreshes, Add Lemon

08 Aug 2016

You know the old saying, 'When life gives you lemons...make lemonade.'   Well, summer brings lemons, and you can do a lot more with them for your bodywork clients than just make lemonade. (Although offering clients a little water with lemon or some fresh-squeezed lemonade could help with after-massage hydration...) Health Benefits of Lemon Lemons have some great health benefits, including boosting digestion, improving liver function, and giving the immune system aid, but lemons are also well-known for their natural antiseptic properties. And the scent a lemon gives off is extremely refreshing and invigorating. Massage therapists can take advantage of ...

How to Have Those Awkward ‘After Massage’ Talks with Clients

08 Jul 2016

If you're new to massage therapy as a business owner, you may have questions about how to handle conversations with your clients once your massage therapy session is done.  For some MT's it can be awkward to talk with clients about such things as payment and rescheduling. Some bodywork therapists avoid the issue altogether because they've got support staff that handle that kind of interaction with clients.  But if you're just starting out or if your financial resources are limited, you might not be able to employ an office assistant.  Here are some tips to make it go more smoothly ...

Check Out These Great Massage Therapy Tools

27 Jun 2016

As a massage therapy professional, of course your main tools are your hands.  But there are other implements that really can make a difference.  Not only will they help you give those hands a rest, but some of them can actually make it easier for you to do your job. If you've looked through a massage supply catalog lately, you know there are literally thousands of implements and gadgets available.  But the Institute for Integrative Health recently reviewed what they've titled as the Top 10 Massage Tools for 2016.  One of the most intriguing is the Magic Massage Cloth, a ...

Massage in The Workplace, Part 3: What’s in it for Employers?

22 Apr 2016

(Editor's note:  This is the final article in our three-part series.  Click to read Part 1: Growing Demand, and Part 2: How Much Does It Cost?) Why should an employer offer massages in the workplace?  There are a number of reasons. Beyond landing quality new hires, companies have seen various advantages to offering massage therapy in the workplace. The many health benefits of massage have translated brilliantly into happier workplaces nationwide. Enhancing the Business Culture and Environment One of the best ways to nurture a happy, safe work environment is to demonstrate that the company genuinely values their employees. When ...