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Sports Massage Category

Prepare for Summer Sports with Massage Therapy

30 May 2017

If the idea of sports massage makes you think of recovering post competition or dealing with an injury, we'd like to broaden your horizons. And if you think sports massage is just for professional athletes and serious amateur competitors, please keep reading. Sports massage is a good way to prepare for an athletic event, whether it's a strenuous marathon, a Frisbee tournament, or a relaxing round of golf.  And pro athletes as well as weekend exercisers can benefit from therapeutic massages. Now that the outdoor summer season has officially been kicked off by Memorial Day weekend, many of those who ...

Fascia and Sports Massage: An Interview with CenterPoint’s Jackson Petersburg

07 Oct 2016

(Editor's note:  Most people associate massage with muscles, but there is a very important structural tissue that massage therapists work with - the fascia. Here at our Minneapolis massage school, we recently talked with co-founder and director Jackson Petersburg about fascia - what is it, and how are the students at our school trained to work with it? What follows is an excerpt from that interview. He specifically focuses on fascia and the athlete.)   Interviewer: You talked about fascia in our previous interview on massage therapy and athletes. I’ve heard that term over and over again, but as a lay ...

Bodywork Techniques for Athletes: An Interview with Cari Johnson of CenterPoint Massage School

30 Sep 2016

With the Olympic games having wrapped up in August as well as things such as school and professional football programs kicking off, we wanted to address the importance of including bodywork therapy as part of an athlete's training protocol.  Someone who is an amateur athlete recently talked with Cari Johnson Pelava, one of our Minneapolis massage school's co-founders, about bodywork for athletes.   Interviewer:  I’m an athlete – a runner, a swimmer, a biker.  What forms of massage could really enhance my performance?  It’s not about dealing with an injury because I don’t have an injury at this time. I’m more ...

Massage Therapy for Athletes – Jackson Petersburg of CenterPoint Massage School

21 Sep 2016

(Editor's note: With both professional and amateur fall sports getting going, as well as the recent Olympics, athletic performance is on the minds of many. For example, in just the first week of regular season NFL football, there were a number of muscle injuries that could affect the players in upcoming games. As a part of our ongoing series of interviews with the co-founders and directors at our Minneapolis massage and shiatsu therapy school, we recently talked with Jackson Petersburg about how massage therapy can be beneficial for athletes.)    Interviewer: Could you speak specifically about massage and the athlete. How ...

Massage Therapy and the Marathon Runner

22 Feb 2016

Happy Anniversary to the Medronic Twin Cities Marathon!  This is the 35th year of this event.  One exciting even our Minneapolis massage school participates in each year is providing post-competition massage at the Twin Cities Marathon.  Since online registration for this race opened recently, it seemed like a good time to talk about the connection between massage therapy and running.  Our faculty and students who staff our tent at the Twin Cities Marathon have seen first hand the toll it takes on the runners, and each year we are proud to be able to provide a little relief at the ...

Make Regular Massage Part of Your Winter Sports Routine

15 Jan 2016

If you're planning on engaging in winter sports this year, plan on regular massage therapy, too.  Sports is about activity, and massage is about relaxing, so where's the connection here? There isn't just one; there are many benefits to winter athletes who regularly get the attention of a massage therapist.  And whether you're a weekend amateur who just enjoys hitting the ski slopes or you're a diehard winter athlete engaged in rigorous sports such as hockey, regular therapeutic massage can not only prepare you for workout or competition but it can also boost your performance and shorten your post-activity recovery ...

Research News: Massage Therapy Shortens Post-Workout Recovery Time

06 Jan 2016

Massage may be seen most often as a way to relax, but it’s also proven again and again to shorten healing time. One study has demonstrated just how effective it is in post-workout healing. The Study A group of 30 male bodybuilders with at least 2 years’ experience who used no artificial performance enhancers took part in the study. Four were also actively participating in a program involving controlled diet and exercise patterns. They were randomly split into groups: one that received massage and a control group that did not. Both groups were asked to fast for twelve hours and ...

Sports Massage: A Multi-Function Therapy

02 Sep 2015

Fall means school has started, and for many, school means sports.  And that means the need for sports massage. Sports massage is more of a focus rather than a technique, as there are a variety of modalities that can be brought into play, depending on the desired outcome.   And sports massage can be used both pre- and post-competition or workout, which makes it even more adaptable.  Common Functions of Sports MassageIn general, the purpose of sports massage is to deliver one or more of these benefits:*  Release of muscle tension*  Improved flexibility and muscle tone*  Prevention of injury*  Aid to ...

How Runners Can Benefit from Therapeutic Massage

10 Jul 2015

If you're a runner - either competitively or for exercise, do you stretch before you start?  Do you get a regular massage?Most runners answer "yes" to the first question, but by responding "yes" to the second question, you could improve your overall run and your muscle health.  Therapeutic Massage Offers These Benefits for Runners  - Flexibility  - Enhanced Circulation  - Less Muscle Pain  - Less Muscle Fatigue  - RelaxationStudies have shown that massage is beneficial for athletes, and it can enhance performance and speed recovery.  Massage can be performed either before or after activity, but the benefits can be slightly ...

Why Massage Can Benefit Swimmers

12 Jun 2015

Now that summer is here in the Minneapolis area, many people are hitting the water for recreation and exercise.  Whether you swim competitively or you just enjoy a little aquatic workout now and then, adding a massage can help your body in many ways.  Swimming is a low-impact activity that's a total body workout, which is why it's a terrific exercise choice for many people.  And in warmer weather, the water is much more refreshing than a run or another form of exercise that generates a good sweat.  But swimmers are subject to repetitive stress injuries because the same movements ...