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Spa & Resort Techniques Category

Warm Up This Winter with a Hot Stone Massage

07 Dec 2015

If you're a regular reader of our blog, you know that we periodically discuss emerging trends and currently popular techniques in bodywork.  One of the (literally) hot trends right now is stone massage, specifically hot stone massage.  (Massage can be performed with cold stones as well, but we'll save that for another post.) Massage using warmed stones has been used in other cultures for centuries, but it is relatively new to the U.S.  And as the cold weather approaches, it may be a technique you'll find particularly appealing, because it's especially helpful if you're feeling chilled.  Hot stone massage is ...

Seaweed Wraps: What They Are and How They Help

19 Jan 2015

A trip to the spa or the massage therapy office should always be relaxing, but adding a seaweed wrap to the experience enhances the stress relief and detoxification benefits.  Not all massage therapists offer this option, but many do, so be sure to ask your therapist if it's available.  What to Expect From a Seaweed WrapWhen a typical wrap session begins, the therapist will exfoliate your skin, most commonly with sea salt. Its use is traditional, but it’s also more beneficial than other substances because it leaves no residue on the skin or in the pores. It’s also completely natural, ...

How Massage Therapists Can Expand Their Businesses By Offering Pampering Services

14 Jan 2015

People seek out massage therapy for a number of reasons - stress relief, recovery from injury, and wellness support.  But there are those who opt for a massage simply as a way to indulge themselves in a little luxury.  While time and budget may not allow for a weekend getaway to a Cancun resort, most can find space in their schedules and budget to work in a one-hour massage.If you are a bodywork professional whose focus has been mainly on providing massage therapy as a natural health care option, you may want to consider expanding your services to include some ...

Hot Stone Massage – Is It Safe?

02 Jun 2014

In previous posts we’ve talked about the very popular modality called hot stone massage therapy.  It's one of the techniques we cover in our Spa & Resort Techniques courses (both as a program elective and a continuing education course). Because this particular technique involves placing heated stones on the body, there are inevitably questions raised about its safety.What we hope to establish in this post is that while any bodywork technique can potentially be harmful if not applied appropriately by a well-trained massage or shiatsu therapist, there are a number of procedures that can help a bodywork professional ensure that ...

Hot Stone Therapy – Modern Revival of an Ancient Practice

29 Nov 2013

Hot stone massage is a technique that offers an interesting combination of old and new approaches. While it has been around since ancient times, its emergence on the current scene has taken place somewhat recently. A massage therapist from Arizona named Mary Nelson is credited with introducing the practice to modern clients. Her technique is called LaStone Therapy.  But this practice has been adapted and refined by other therapists.  Its ancient roots are in similar practices from many Eastern and Western cultures, including the Chinese as well as Native Americans and Hawaiians. [caption id="attachment_5834" align="alignright" width="300"] photo - sheknows.com[/caption]Let’s begin by ...

Mind/Body Therapy Growing in Popularity – MN Bodywork Professionals Can Take Advantage of This Trend

16 Sep 2013

The bodywork therapy field is a dynamic one.  The next natural step to becoming more involved with touched-based therapies like massage is into the realm of mind/body techniques. More people realize that true health involves more than just their physical health. Massage-based therapies which address the mind or energetic realms are great ways to move into this part of the healing field. Why Energy Therapies Mesh with Body WorkingMany clients of massage therapy are also interested in seeking a deeper understanding of themselves in addition to searching for a way to reduce any stress and anxiety in their lives. Massage therapists ...

Spas Provide a Growing Employment Opportunity for MN Massage Therapists, Part 2

11 Sep 2013

Our previous post - part one of this two-part series - covered some important basic aspects of working as a massage therapist in a spa environment. In this part, we’ll close up with some “do”s and “don’t”s. For Spa Massage, Enhanced Atmosphere A huge part of the spa experience is the atmosphere generated by the company. Generally, it’s expected to be a lovely, relaxing place  full of people there to provide the guest with a wonderful experience. The music and sound in the spa is just as much a part of the environment as the visual element. Because a big ...

Spas Provide a Growing Employment Opportunity for MN Massage Therapists, Part 1

09 Sep 2013

The field of spa massage is a fast-growing one where massage therapists can find exciting and rewarding employment.  One of the draws of working at many spas is the opportunity for job-related perks like 401Ks, insurance and other advantages other places may not offer. However, before you start looking for work, it’s best to learn about techniques taught by professionals in a MN massage school such as CenterPoint, and take the following notes about etiquette into account. When It Comes to Spa Massage, It's Customer First Most people go to a spa for a day of relaxation and pampering. Because ...

Spa Massage Therapists Equal Tight Timelines and Sales Expectations

05 Dec 2012

If you're considering a career as a bodywork professional in spa or resort massage therapy, you should be aware that this area of massage practice is different than therapeutic or supportive massage.  There are challenges involved, but there are also diverse opportunities available.Spas at hotels and resorts often schedule massages hourly. They are able to maximize each therapist’s productivity and increase their productivity this way. While the hours may seem very production oriented, the type of massage and the mix of massage techniques are often left to the individual massage therapist.   Scheduling massages on the hour helps to maximize profitability for ...

The Argument for Massage Continuing Education

30 May 2012

An opportunity to improve your career and yourself is a great argument if you need one to help you make the decision to gain some continued education. The U. S. population is getting older and facing an increased incidence in medical conditions that can benefit from specialized massage therapy and therapeutic bodywork. Getting that training can put you in the enviable position of being the massage professional who has all the requisite skills to work with the aging population and still take care of your other clients.Benefits of taking continued education include:Expanding your therapy offeringsGetting more clientsServing clients betterMaking more moneyIncreasing ...