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Reflexology Category

Reflexology Can Be Great for Babies, Too!

06 Oct 2017

Natural, holistic wellness support and health care is appropriate for all age groups, including the very youngest of us. One of those modalities is reflexology. Many people have experienced the benefits of reflexology, and in this post we'd like to talk about the benefits for a particular segment of the population - babies. It can offer relief for some of the most common ailments infants experience. These include: Digestive issues, including reflux (spitting up) gas and constipation Breathing problems Teething pain General crankiness Reflexology for babies is ideal for another reason - babies respond well and even thrive from loving ...

Reflexology: More Than Just Foot Massage

14 Apr 2017

As the interest in natural health care grows here in the U.S., so does the demand for holistic therapies such as reflexology.   You've probably seen those shops popping up everywhere offering foot massage and even advertising their services as reflexology. At times you might see reflexology referred to as a 'reflexology massage.' Some people confuse the two modalities, but they are not the same. In this post we'd like to clear up that confusion. What further complicates matters is that often those who offer their services as reflexology do not have adequate training in this technique. But unfortunately most localities ...

Research News: Reflexology for Multiple Sclerosis Fatigue

05 Oct 2016

Multiple sclerosis is a progressive degenerative disease that usually occurs between the ages of 20-40. Its affects on both the brain and the spinal cord result in problems with balance and muscle control as well as many other bodily functions. The manifestations differ from person to person. It affects about three times as many women as men, and at present there is believed to be no cure. Because of its wide-ranging affects on the body, a major side effect is fatigue. Fatigue is common among those who suffer from MS, and it can be extremely disabling. A recent study assessed the ...

Managing Infant Pain with Foot Reflexology

26 Sep 2016

Watching someone suffer from pain can be heart-wrenching, but even more so when it's a helpless baby. But a recent study summarized in Massage Magazine found that a very natural, gentle therapy can help address infant pain: reflexology. [caption id="attachment_11099" align="alignleft" width="285"] (photo courtesy Massage Magazine)[/caption] The study involved a group of 60 infants under one year. The type of pain studied was that related to vaccinations. Most parents have their babies vaccinated multiple times in the first year, and the most common recommendation is to give the baby infant pain reliever prior to the injection. Managing this type of pain without ...

Cancer Patient Finds Relief, Sleep Support with Reflexology

29 Feb 2016

A bodywork modality that's frequently in the news these days is oncology massage.  And while massage therapy can't cure cancer, it's becoming common knowledge that many complementary health care approaches such as therapeutic massage and other bodywork modalities can provide relief for many of the symptoms cancer patients suffer. Shaun Fawcett, age 67, who suffers from bone marrow cancer, is living proof of that. Since September of 2015, Shawn has been receiving holistic health care for both pain management and relief of other symptoms.  Extreme night sweats were particularly problematic for Shawn, severe enough that it had required multiple bedding ...

Hot Flashes? Reflexology Helps Ease Menopause Symptoms

06 Nov 2015

Women go through many changes throughout their lives. One of the most common comes at the end of their reproductive years: menopause. While it’s an easy transition for some, going through menopause can be difficult for others. Fortunately, reflexology can help with common menopause symptoms. What can reflexology help with for menopausal women? Reflexology has been helping with the symptoms of menopause for years. Some of the most unpleasant, but effectively treated, symptoms include: Sleeplessness Anxiety Mood swings Hot flashes Dry mouth Drier mucous linings Skilled reflexology practitioners understand how to help imbalanced body systems find equilibrium again during periods ...

Today’s Bodywork History Lesson: Reflexology

21 Jan 2015

Interest in reflexology is growing in the United States and Europe, as shown in the increase of requests for reflexology training. However, it isn’t a new practice as the Egyptians and the Chinese in the form of foot acupressure have practiced it since as early as 2300 BC. In the West, reflexology has been actively studied and practiced for more than a century. In the 1890’s, Sir Henry Head, a knighted research scientist and medical doctor, made a link between science and reflexology. He showed there was a scientific basis for why reflexology works. He was able to demonstrate the ...

MN Massage School News: Hand & Foot Reflexology Training Offered in Our Diploma Programs and Continuing Education

25 Jul 2014

As a MN massage or shiatsu therapist, do you offer reflexology as part of your repertoire? If not, you may want to consider it - for a number of reasons.  Training in reflexology is different from massage therapy education. Using special pressure techniques on the reflexes of the feet, hands, and ears they are able to work on sore places where energy is blocked. The majority of massage therapists are not trained in it, so this offers a reflexology practitioner an opportunity to receive referrals from other therapists.  Reflexology can also be a source for continued revenue as one or ...

All About Hand Reflexology

16 Jul 2014

Originating from ancient China and Egypt, reflexology is still commonly used today by many massage professionals. Although most people think of feet when they hear the word “reflexology,” it can also be successfully used on the hands.  It's especially appropriate for those who find their feet are too ticklish or sensitive for much bodywork. How Does Hand Reflexology Work?The basis of reflexology lies within the idea that nerves directly connect each internal organ to areas of the hands and feet. Over the centuries, reflexologists have identified specific areas which coincide with each organ of the body. The main benefit working on ...

Benefits and Differences Between Massage Therapy and Reflexology

14 Jul 2014

As a bodywork professional, do you offer reflexology?  Reflexology is a modality offered by some shiatsu or massage therapists.  In fact, some therapists prefer to specialize in reflexology alone.  Massage therapy and reflexology offer different benefits for the client. One of the benefits of reflexology is that the patient’s clothes don’t have to be removed, as only the feet, hands, and sometimes the ears are touched. These are the areas used to promote response from the tissue being stimulated through the nervous systems and acupuncture meridians.The techniques for reflexology are distinctly different from massage, but we include it as an ...