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Other Bodywork Techniques Category

What is Kinesiology Taping?

22 Dec 2017

You've probably seen that colorful tape on someone's arm or leg at the gym or pool. Or maybe you've glimpsed it on an athlete while watching a competition on TV. Those colorful strips are indicative of a therapy that's gaining interest - kinesiology taping. In order to explain just what this is and what it does, let's start with the first part: kinesiology. What is it?  Kinesiology is a science that specializes in evaluating and testing bodily movement, usually human (although there are kinesiologists who work with animals, particularly race horses). A kinesiologist will test body movements, in particular muscular ...

Auricular Therapy: Stimulating the Ear for Long-Term Benefits

20 Oct 2017

Whether you're an Asian bodywork therapist looking for an additional healing skill, or you're someone who wishes your therapist offered something that could give you long-term relief, we'd like to talk to you about auricular therapy. This modality - also called ear acupuncture because of the technique - is a relative newcomer to the bodywork scene, but it's based on ancient principles of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM), most specifically acupuncture. Its foundations are the work of a French neurologist and several German doctors. Much like reflexologists stimulate areas of the hands, feet, and ears to address issues in specific parts ...

Beat the Heat This Season with Cold Stone Massage

10 Jul 2017

The use of stones in massage isn't new, even though recent media attention may have you thinking it is. In fact, incorporating objects such as stones into therapeutic bodywork is an ancient technique in some cultures. But normally people associate stone massage with heat. Hot stone massage can be beneficial for many ailments, and is probably a very welcoming experience in the colder months but probably not what you'd want in hot summer weather. So what about switching things up with a COLD stone massage? This is one bodywork modality that both therapist and client will find refreshing on a hot ...

More on Lomi Lomi Massage: What Is It Useful For?

30 Jun 2017

All massage modalities are beneficial in general, and many have similar uses.  But each individual is unique, and that means each massage therapy client might require a different protocol than someone else having the exact same physical complaint. Why is that?  Physical conditions and ailments are complex, and they have a variety of underlying causes that may differ, even though the symptoms as presented may seem identical. There are spiritual and emotional components to be taken into account as well.  That's why the most proficient bodywork therapists offer several types of massage, so that a bodywork therapy session can be ...

Lomi Lomi: Massage with a Tropical Flair

28 Jun 2017

Summertime here in Minnesota may get warm, but it's not exactly tropical weather.  We do have a continuing education course this season that has the feel of the islands - Lomi Lomi, also known as Hawaiian massage. Just about every culture across the globe and down through time has had some form of bodywork as part of their therapeutic treatments, and the native Hawaiians were no different. But unlike many other traditional healing practices that got shared between cultures kept this therapeutic massage technique to themselves until very recently.  Instruction in lomi lomi was passed down within the family unit ...

Craniosacral Techniques and Healthy Brain/Body Function

10 May 2017

Some bodywork modalities are whole body, while others like reflexology focus on a specific part of the body. One of those more specific modalities is craniosacral therapy (CST).   This technique is performed mostly on the skull, although its effects are intended to extend to various other parts of the body. The underlying premise is that much of the body's condition is affected by the health of the brain and/or the spinal cord. When these areas are under stress, disease and ill health manifest themselves in other parts of the body. The goal therefore of CST is to relieve the stress (particularly that ...

Cupping: What Does the Research Indicate?

03 May 2017

Because of all the news articles, videos, and photos of athletes and celebrities with cupping marks or undergoing cupping therapy, many people may think it's a new fad in alternative health care. That couldn't be farther from the truth.   Although its popularity is on the rise and it's been getting a lot of media attention in the past few years, it actually is a technique that is centuries old and has its roots in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). Like most natural health care approaches, it has its detractors as well as those who downplay or deny its benefits. But ...

Moxibustion: Where There’s Smoke, There’s Wellness

03 Mar 2017

Perhaps you've visited an acupuncturist or other Asian medicine practitioner and noted the faint aroma of burning herbs. (No, it's not a fire, it's the lingering odor of a moxibustion session.) What is moxibustion? It's a centuries-old practice that is part of Traditional Chinese medicine. Its use can be traced back more than 2500 years. Often used by acupuncturists, it is a healing therapy that can be used by many other practitioners of holistic health care, such as massage or shiatsu therapists. Its name comes from moxa, a name for dried plant materials (usually mugwort). The moxa is lit on ...

Thai Massage for Pain Management: Research Report

20 Feb 2017

Dealing with pain in a natural fashion is one of the main reasons people seek out massage therapy. Fortunately, there are a number of bodywork techniques that can help with pain management. One of those is Thai massage. Since this Asian bodywork modality is part of the curriculum at our Minneapolis massage and shiatsu therapy school as an elective, we notice when it makes the news, especially as regards to research.   A pilot study on the use of Thai massage for posterior shoulder pain, a musculoskeletal condition known as scapulocostal syndrome (SCS) was summarized in the April 2012 issue ...

Research Report: Scientific Evidence for Effects of Hydrotherapy

06 Feb 2017

The average human being is about 57-60% water. (Infants have a much higher percentage, but it drops as we get older). So doesn't it make sense that water-based therapies would be good for the body? In fact, they are. Hydrotherapy - as these treatments are referred to - has long been used by many cultures for health and healing, but modern science has taken a look at the evidence to examine and document the effects it has. There are many different forms of hydrotherapy, and it's also known by these other names: water therapy, balneotherapy, pool therapy, and aquatic therapy. It ...