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Alliance for Massage Therapy Education Spotlights Our Co-Founder Cari Johnson Pelava

02 Jan 2018

Recently at the 2017 Alliance for Massage Therapy Education (AFMTE) Educational Congress in Tucson, some of the leading massage school personnel were interviewed for short spotlights. We’re excited to report that our own Cari Johnson Pelava, co-founder of our Minneapolis massage and shiatsu school, was one of those picked. CenterPoint is proud to be a member of the AFMTE, a very vital organization for those who are educators in massage therapy.  Founded in 2009, the AFMTE has become a sort of ‘university’ for massage school instructors. While Cari’s background is shiatsu, as a founder of our bodywork school that offers ...

Recap: Our Massage School at the 2017 Twin Cities Marathon

25 Oct 2017

Each year October brings around one of our favorite events - the annual Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. And each time the marathon gets put on, CenterPoint puts up its massage tent at the finish line.  This year was no different. Be sure to check out the slide show from this year's race.  As you can see from the photos, our staff and students (as always) had a great day! They even got a chance to give each other a little bodywork to keep their muscles in top shape for the day. This race has often been called "the most beautiful ...

Aromatherapy News: CenterPoint Grad’s Products Part of Minnesota Alzheimer’s Study

02 Oct 2017

We are always pleased to see research studies support what bodywork therapists know from experience, because scientific validation can increase public confidence in natural health care modalities. But we get really excited when one of those studies is not only local but involves one of CenterPoint's own. [caption id="attachment_12785" align="alignright" width="229"] Jodi Baglien[/caption] Recently a Twin Cities TV station - Fox 9 - featured a report on Health Partners, a Minnesota health care network, evaluating the use of lavender for Alzheimer's patients. Shown in the news clip are patches and oils crafted by Jodi Baglien, a CenterPoint grad and continuing education instructor. ...

Research News: Thai Massage and Lower Back Pain

07 Jul 2017

With our continuing education class on Thai Massage beginning July 22nd, an article in the latest issue of the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork caught our attention. The title, "The Effectiveness of Thai Massage and Joint Mobilization" makes this a very timely publication. Participants in the study received either Thai massage or commonly-used joint mobilization, and the effectiveness of each was assessed and the results of two methods were compared. The conclusion is that both methods are safe and effective for chronic nonspecific lower back pain. For us, this is significant because back pain is a major reason people seek out ...

More Research News on Massage and Multiple Sclerosis

10 Mar 2017

We have seen much research news lately confirming that therapeutic massage can be extremely helpful for pain management. Since pain is one of the top reasons people seek out the services of a massage therapist, these reports are encouraging.   One report we saw recently on a study involving a group of participants with multiple sclerosis (MS). MS is an autoimmune disorder that affects an estimated half million people in the U.S., with almost 200 new cases being diagnosed every week. Pain and fatigue are major components of this disease. It is estimated that about a third of those with MS ...

Research News: Pilot Study Shows Massage Therapy Effective for MS Pain Management

01 Mar 2017

Pain is one of the main reasons that people seek out the services of a massage therapist. While bodyworkers and many of their clients are convinced that therapeutic massage can help alleviate pain, it's encouraging to see that confidence reinforced by scientific research. Condition-specific pain studies continue to be published evaluating the use of massage therapy in connection with a specific health condition or disease. The results of a pilot study evaluating regular massage for multiple sclerosis (MS) patients was recently published that confirms what previous studies have shown, but it also goes beyond the scope of earlier research. Study: ...

New Research Study: Reiki and Pediatric Palliative Care

18 Jan 2017

At our Minneapolis massage school we like to stay current with the trends in bodywork, including research. Recently the results of a pilot study on Reiki and children was published that caught our attention.   Research continues to show that natural, noninvasive therapies may provide effective support for those who suffer from serious and/or terminal illnesses. Often what those with medical issues such as cancer and other diseases need most are therapies that provide pain management, help with sleep, and improve their overall quality of life. This is referred to as palliative care. Palliative care is often given in hospice ...

Our Minneapolis Massage School in the News: TV Station Features Interview with Co-Founder Cari Johnson Pelava

09 Jan 2017

We're trying our best to get the word out that therapeutic massage has lots of health benefits, so it's great when mainstream media picks up the message.  Recently a reporter from local TV station WCCO stopped by CenterPoint to observe a therapeutic massage and to talk to our co-founder and director, Cari Johnson Pelava. We've developed a reputation for excellence in massage and shiatsu training here in Minnesota, so it's no surprise when they seek out our faculty for insight on bodywork therapy, benefits, and training. One important point the news feature brought out is that there is currently a ...

Research News: Studies Support Recommending Use of Massage Therapy for Pain Management

02 Jan 2017

While massage therapists the world over have known for centuries that various types of therapeutic bodywork can be very effective at relieving pain, it's nice to see modern research catching up with what our industry has always recognized. A collaborative analysis of research studies on the effectiveness of massage therapy for pain relief was performed by the Sameuli Institute, a nonprofit research organization focusing on the science (rather than the art) of healing. This analysis was commissioned by the American Massage Therapy Association (AMTA). The Samueli Institute review is systematic and includes meta-anaylsis. (Click here to read the AMTA's press ...

Research News: Reflexology for Multiple Sclerosis Fatigue

05 Oct 2016

Multiple sclerosis is a progressive degenerative disease that usually occurs between the ages of 20-40. Its affects on both the brain and the spinal cord result in problems with balance and muscle control as well as many other bodily functions. The manifestations differ from person to person. It affects about three times as many women as men, and at present there is believed to be no cure. Because of its wide-ranging affects on the body, a major side effect is fatigue. Fatigue is common among those who suffer from MS, and it can be extremely disabling. A recent study assessed the ...