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Massage Employment Opportunities Category

Encouraging Trend: Medical Professionals and Massage Therapy

27 Feb 2017

Perhaps we should drop the term "alternative medicine" when referring to natural, holistic therapies such as massage. It hasn't been that long since the phrase was adopted in the medical community of "complementary alternative medicine," or CAM. But it's the "alternative" that may be inaccurate. Perhaps "supportive" is a better word. (There is a movement in the medical community to change the term to "complementary integrative medicine," or CIM, which we definitely are in favor of.) Chiropractors and massage therapists have long had good working relationships, which is understandable. In fact, many massage therapists work in conjunction with a chiropractor, ...

Interview: Massage Envy’s Director of Regional Recruiting Talks Massage Employment Opportunities

14 Nov 2016

Students who graduate from our Minneapolis massage and shiatsu therapy school are in great demand. If you check out our YouTube channel you'll see some videos where business owners rave about our grads One of the largest employers of massage therapists in the Twin Cities is Massage Envy, with 23 clinics in the St. Paul and Minneapolis greater metro area. We recently spoke with Massage Envy’s Director of Regional Recruiting, Ranae Hendrickson, to obtain information about career opportunities for massage and bodywork therapists.   [caption id="attachment_11362" align="alignright" width="189"] Ranae Hendrickson, Massage Envy[/caption] Interviewer: Could you explain your role as the Director ...

Partnering with A Chiropractor’s Office Can Be Rewarding for a Massage Therapist

15 Apr 2015

Massage therapists have a wide range of employment scenarios - everything from working as a paid employee at a franchise chain or spa to owning your own independent bodywork business.  One situation that can work well is to align yourself with another health care professional such as a physical therapist or chiropractor.  If you’re a massage therapy professional seeking a way to improve your abilities as well as gain a deeper understanding of human anatomy and pick up approaches to dealing with a wide range of chronic conditions, collaborating with someone in chiropractic care could be very rewarding.  Chiropractors as ...

What Is the Job Forecast for Massage Therapy?

26 Dec 2014

Thinking about your career future?  Whether you're evaluating your career options for the first time, or you've been working for awhile and know it's time for a change, one of the first questions you might ask is, "What is the job potential for this field?"  Although it's important to pursue a career path that gives you personal satisfaction, job opportunities in that occupation are also important to consider.  After all, you'll be investing time and money in your training, so you want to know that it's going to be put to good use and that you're making a wise investment.  ...

The Benefits of Owning Your Own Massage Therapy Practice

17 Oct 2014

While some newly-graduated massage therapists opt for employment with a franchise chain or similar set-up, there are many other options available in the bodywork profession.  One of the most rewarding is by owning your own massage therapy business.  Whether you're about to graduate or you're currently working for someone else (either as an employee or an independent contractor), there are some terrific advantages to operating your own business.  You're the boss.  That means you're in control of your hours, the types of massage therapy you offer, your prices, what you wear, everything!You'll keep more of what you earn.  Yes, there's ...

How to Prepare for Your Massage Therapy Job in a Chiropractic Office

28 May 2014

A massage therapist has a wide variety of options in terms of employment situations.  Massage therapists often find that working in a chiropractor's office can be a good fit.  Many chiropractors partner with bodywork professionals because it's a technique that works well in conjunction with what they provide.  If you're a new therapist ready to embark on such a relationship, here are some tips to help get you started.  Once you've gone through all of the preliminaries, it is time to be in the office for good. This means that you should keep some key things in mind when it ...

Massage Employment Opportunities: Working with Chiropractor Who Understands the Importance of Massage

19 May 2014

Many times you might have seen the terms chiropractic care and massage mentioned together when it comes to what is often termed alternative health care.  Chiropractors - along with many other medical providers - recognize the importance of massage therapy for their patients. The connection has gotten a lot of feedback throughout the world.  Positive things can happen when you have both coinciding in one office providing benefits, since they are able to provide a mutual partnership that clients can take advantage of in one quick office stop.  If you're just beginning to establish yourself in the massage therapy field ...

A Plethora of Professional Choices For Massage Therapists

29 Jul 2013

The good news for graduating Minneapolis massage school therapists is that there is today, more than ever, a wide variety of work environments to choose from, beginning with upscale spas. The explosive growth of four- and five-star resort hotels with full spa amenities has greatly increased the need for qualified massage therapists at these resorts. Guests at these hotels are not suffering from chronic pain but rather are looking for rest and relaxation. As such, the mood at these massage treatment facilities is lighter and more convivial than most.  Recognizing this opportunity, at CenterPoint we offer a Spa & Resort ...

Decongestive Lymphatic Massage Benefits Massage Therapists as Career Path

30 May 2013

There are so many different specialties that massage therapists can choose from to develop a career path for themselves. Many massage therapists are choosing lymphatic drainage as one of their specialties due to the benefits it offers. Because the touch in lymphatic massage is light it saves the hands and wrists of the massage therapists. In contrast, classic massage therapy consists of deep strokes focusing on the muscles, tendons, and joints with the intent to resolve musculoskeletal problems.  The lymph system consists of lymph vessels, organs, and lymph nodes. Its primary job is to fight and isolate infections. It also ...

“Home-Based Massages” Are a Growing Professional Opportunity

18 Mar 2013

Calling “Room Service” in a hotel has long been considered a luxury. There was a period of time where a home-based massage was also considered a luxury. Now “Home-Based Massage" is a fast growing professional business opportunity for a massage therapist. No longer is it a luxury, but a professional service that massage therapists can offer in client's homes and Increasingly, people and couples are setting up standard appointments to receive massages in their home from therapeutic massage therapists. It isn’t really an indulgence to have a home massage. People are apt to relax more at home, plus it takes ...