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Lymph Drainage Massage Category

Lymph Drainage Massage: A Great Way to Boost Wellness

24 Oct 2014

With winter coming on, one of the best things a massage or shiatsu therapist can offer to clients is natural wellness support.  In the colder weather we're indoors more, and this means more exposure to bacteria and viruses.  Attacks on our immunity can tax the lymph system, a major player in our health.  But lymph drainage massage (also known as lymphatic massage) can help enhance the work of the lymph system and encourage the body's natural healthy responses.  The Basics of the Lymph SystemThe lymphatic system is similar to the body's blood circulation system, and just as important.  Tiny vessel ...

Lymphatic Drainage Massage: Why It Matters

02 May 2014

Are you familiar with a bodywork technique that can boost the immune system and enhance overall health?  If you haven't been introduced to lymph drainage massage, here's a basic rundown on this very popular approach to support and encourage healing.  It is very likely that part of your reasons for pursuing a career in massage therapy is the desire to help people with serious medical conditions. With that in mind, this post hopes to give you some background on lymphatic system drainage and the medicinal value of performing this type of therapeutic touch technique.First let’s understand what the lymphatic system ...

Lymphatic Massage Helps Women Recovering From Breast Cancer Surgery

13 Jun 2013

The issue of breast cancer has been in the news recently, due to high-profile women having elective surgery.  Many women who have surgery for breast cancer where the axillary lymph nodes are dissected commonly experience secondary lymphedema.  Lymphedema is a condition that is caused when a person’s lymphatic system is compromised due to fluid retention and swelling. This is a problem because tissues that have lymphedema are at risk of infection.  Also, as part of the diagnosis for breast cancer many women have a large number of the lymph nodes removed through surgery for diagnosis. The greater the number of ...

Massage Therapy Helps Relieve Painful Endometriosis

09 May 2013

Endometriosis is a painful condition that occurs in women when the endometrial cells that are the lining of the uterus leave the uterus and move to other parts of a woman’s body. This condition is caused when hormones stimulate these cells, similar to monthly menstruation. Deposits composed of blood from these cells form and through accumulation cause endometriosis. This is a scar tissue, which aside from causing pain is the one of the major conditions associated with infertility. It is estimated that one of out of ten women are affected by endometriosis during their childbearing years. It is estimated to ...

Why Are the Lymph System and Lymphatic Massage So Important?

04 Mar 2013

The body’s first line of defense against infection and disease is the lymphatic system. Quite simply, the lymphatic system manages the amount of fluid in the body. It is also the home of some white blood cells. The lymphatic system is a circulatory system made up of lymphatic vessels and lymph nodes. Twice as big as the circulatory system, it is a network of tubes throughout the body and has twice the number of lymph vessels as blood vessels. It functions to screen out foreign organisms, filter bacteria, and to collect excess fluid. Lymph nodes are found in the groin, ...

Repetitive Strain Injuries (RSI) and Massage Therapy

09 Aug 2012

Almost everyone knows someone who has a repetitive strain injury (RIS) or pain. RSI comes in the form of aches or shooting pain in the wrist, forearm, and hand. It can also affect the neck, shoulders, and upper or lower back. It can be an occupational hazard for many workers including machine operators, computer keyboard users, musicians, and even  massage therapists. But anyone who repeats single movements repetitively can get an RSI. It causes injuries to the muscles, ligaments, nerves, and other soft tissues. The muscle imbalances caused by the repetitive strain can be helped through massage.Soft-tissue injuries benefit greatly ...

The Argument for Massage Continuing Education

30 May 2012

An opportunity to improve your career and yourself is a great argument if you need one to help you make the decision to gain some continued education. The U. S. population is getting older and facing an increased incidence in medical conditions that can benefit from specialized massage therapy and therapeutic bodywork. Getting that training can put you in the enviable position of being the massage professional who has all the requisite skills to work with the aging population and still take care of your other clients.Benefits of taking continued education include:Expanding your therapy offeringsGetting more clientsServing clients betterMaking more moneyIncreasing ...

Lymph Drainage Massage Class: Monday, April 30th, 6-9 pm

05 Apr 2012

Learn and practice the basic hand techniques of Lymph Drainage Massage (LDM) in this class. Participants will learn how to use light-touch massage strokes to move excess lymphatic fluid (edema) out of the body’s tissues and spaces and into the lymph system. When edema is moved into the lymph system it can be purified and transported for recirculation or elimination. Massage therapists and therapeutic bodywork professionals can offer significant therapeutic benefits for many types of clients. You can use lymph drainage therapy for clients including those who have pre/post surgery pain, chronic pain, edema, lymph edema, inflammation, soft tissue injury, ...

Open up Possibilities. Lymph Drainage Massage Training: Each Monday, April 30 – August 13, 2012 • 6 – 9 pm

02 Apr 2012

Learn Lymphatic Drainage Massage over a series of Mondays. Each Monday builds on the next until you have a total approach to the lymphatic system. This hands on training will cover lymphatic drainage massage. It is known for its light-touch manual approach that moves excess lymphatic fluid (edema), which often represents itself as swelling, through gentle, repetitive, slow movements that improve congestive conditions. Lymph drainage massage brings the edema to an area in the body where the fluid can drain back into the body and be processed. Dr. Emil Vodder, a Danish massage therapist and his wife Estrid, developed it ...

Improve Lymphatic Circulation and Cleanse Livers with Lymphatic Massage

22 Mar 2012

When people talk about improving their circulation most people think that they are talking about the blood system in their body. However, there is another very important circulatory system in the body: the lymphatic system. While the blood system is like a water system in the body the liver is like it’s sewer system and drains.  When there is a big rain in the city the sewer system and drains are often overloaded. When people are ill, suffer an injury, or are overloaded with toxins, their lymphatic system can get overloaded. The lymphatic system branches throughout your entire body and ...