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Geriatric Massage Category

Working With Aging Massage Therapy Clients, Part 2

19 Nov 2014

In Part 1 of this post we introduced the topic of what's commonly called 'geriatric massage,' and how this segment of the population can be a source of clients for massage therapy professionals.  In this follow-up we'll review some specific ways that massage or shiatsu therapists can adapt their techniques to address the special needs of this group and provide appropriate bodywork.  How to Work with Older Massage Therapy ClientsWhile your particular approach to each client is going to differ, based on the needs and situations as well as your interaction with the client, here are some general tips to ...

How Massage Therapists Can Work Compassionately with Aging Clients: Part 1

17 Nov 2014

If you're a massage or shiatsu therapist, this is something you should be aware of:  a large portion of the American public is what might be classified as geriatric, or getting close to it.  The baby-boomer generation - one of the largest segments of the population - is somewhere between 55-75 years old, and many of their parents are still alive as well.  For a number of reasons, Americans are living longer, and as a bodywork professional you can be an important part of their health care routine.  Natural Health Care and Wellness are Important to Older AmericansA healthy diet, ...

Using Massage Therapy to Reduce Arthritis Pain

23 Jul 2014

The baby boomer generation - the largest segment of the American population - is growing older.  With age comes additional health concerns, including arthritis.  Millions of Americans suffer from arthritis. But, according to recent studies, there may be good news on the way in the form of massage therapy.The ability of massage therapy to soothe sore joints and muscles is well known for many conditions. With this post we hope to address specific areas of concern regarding massage therapy and arthritis.Basic benefits of massage for arthritis:  According to the Touch Research Institute, regular massaging of joints and muscles can greatly reduce pain symptoms. ...

Massage Therapy Shows Promise in Treating Knee Osteoarthritis

07 Jul 2014

One of the fastest-growing groups of massage therapy consumers is the aging baby boomer generation. Massage therapists are in a position to provide much-needed health care support for older clients with therapeutic bodywork tailored to their needs.  One very common issue for this age group is knee pain.As people age, they often begin to feel pain in their knees, which is commonly caused by osteoarthritis. Many treatments are available, but one study has demonstrated the value of massage therapy in addressing this condition.What is Osteoarthritis?This form of arthritis happens when the cushioning cartilage between the bones wears down, putting more ...

Arthritis Pain Can Be Lessened with Therapeutic Bodywork

11 Oct 2013

With the aging of the baby boomer generation, dealing with the challenges of arthritis can present an opportunity for bodywork therapists to provide supportive health care.  While many arthritis sufferers resort to prescription drugs to control arthritis symptoms, bodywork can play a more natural role in easing pain and stiffness.   Massage and other bodywork can help with arthritis, if done in the context of medical case management and with proper consideration of a client’s primary health providers, according to a recent article by the Arthritis Foundation. Tips for Bodywork Therapists Working with Arthritic Clients Arthritis is a painful condition ...

How Baby Boomers Are Changing the Face of Geriatric Massage

23 Sep 2013

The demographic makeup of your clientele may still be ruled by younger consumers, but older clients are becoming one of the biggest groups in the massage therapy field. Receiving proper education in treating elderly clients will go a long way to building your massage therapy practice Massage Therapy Used to Reinforce Elder Health Thanks to better nutrition and medical care, more members of the baby boomer generation are leading very active, healthy lives. Rather than being frail and somewhat sedentary, an older client may arrive at a massage therapy appointment fresh from a dance class and move on to the ...

Seniors Can Find Mental and Physical Health Boosts From Massage

25 Jun 2013

Bodywork techniques vary from group to group - no one practice is right for everyone, and that's especially true when it comes to caring for the elderly.  While massage has great emotional and physical benefits for seniors, therapists will find that they need to fine-tune their techniques when working with older clients because their health needs and bodies' responses are different than those of younger individuals. For many years, the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork has been promoting massage as extremely beneficial for the management and prevention of age-related conditions.  Massage therapy is an alternative to pharmaceutical ...

Elderly Fastest Growing Population: Opportunities For Geriatric Massage

18 Jun 2012

The fastest growing population group is the over 80's. Improved diet and better health care, means many of these over 80 people remain active, busy, and continue to live their lives. However, there are the over 80 group who the effects of aging and inactivity means the lives they live are in sharp contrast. Pains, aches, stiffness, and illness and injuries plague them.One of the fastest growing professional massage opportunities is for geriatric clients.  It's never too late to benefit from massage. Even people in their 90's can benefit from a fitness plan and massage. Old age isn't a time ...

Professional Opportunities: Treating the Osteoarthritis 50+ Crowd

17 Jan 2012

 It’s true that osteoarthritis affects nearly 80% of those 50 years or older. That doesn’t leave many people who won’t have some problems with their joints. It is a much-needed skill offering massage therapy to this group of people. It also offers a good professional opportunity for therapeutic bodywork professionals to get classes on dealing with this condition and geriatric patients.  Osteoarthritis is a degenerative joint disease. It affects hands, hips, knees, and the spine. It usually is a natural result of the aging process. It can also be due to hard work and use of these different parts. What ...