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East West Bodywork Category

Therapeutic Bodywork Workshop for Treating Cancer Patients & Survivors 2 Mondays, May 14 & 21 • 6 – 10 pm Register by May 4

03 May 2012

Cancer is the #1 cause of death in people 35-64 years of age. It’s the #2 cause of death in people 65 and older. So the likelihood is that you know someone who has had cancer and most likely have clients that are cancer survivors or fighters. Massage therapy has become one of the leading therapies adopted to help comfort people in pain and bring them comfort. It’s now known that it actually improves the quality of their lives.  It wasn’t that long ago that it was believed that massage could hinder a patient with cancer's health.  But that has ...

Craniosacral Techniques for Asian Bodywork Workshop: Saturday & Sunday, May 5 & 6 • 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Register by April 20

19 Apr 2012

This Asian Bodywork and Craniosacral Techniques training provides students with hands on training, assessment, and treatment planning. In some people standard massage treatment strategies don't always apply when their patterns of imbalance have become deeply established. Chronic illnesses often represent a complex interweaving of health and pathology that demands an approach that is made with extreme care and accuracy.  It must address both the gross anatomy; the organs, parts, and structures of a body that are visible to the naked, and the subtle anatomy. Deep listening, subtle palpation skills of craniosacral therapy combined with the sophisticated theoretical and technical repertoire of ...

Specialized Therapeutic Bodywork for Special Populations Training: Mondays, April 30 – August 13 • 6 – 10 pm Register by April 13

11 Apr 2012

What do pregnant women, athletes, geriatric clients; people with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and survivors of trauma and abuse have in common? All of these special populations have been found to find the benefit of well being from massage therapy. Cancer survivors and patients, HIV patients, athletes, survivors of trauma and abuse are all similar when they say that massage therapy has and does play a very important place in their lives. At whatever point they each may be in their individual journeys one thing comes out in study after study. Well-trained therapeutic bodywork professional can make a real ...

Therapeutic Bodywork for Geriatric Care 2 Mondays, April 30 & May 7 • 6 – 10 pm Register by April 20

11 Apr 2012

The benefits of regular geriatric massage for geriatric clients are impressive. Massage therapy helps improve the general quality of their lives. It can help to relieve stress and depression. It also helps with loneliness as they have someone else who is interested in the quality of their overall heath. Plus it helps with a major problem many geriatric clients have which is the quality and length of their sleep times. The “baby boomer” generation knows the benefits of bodywork and massage. In the U.S. they are the largest demographic group that regularly seeks massage therapy. This means a lot of massage ...

Namikoshi Shiatsu Review Sunday, March 18 • 9:00 am – 5:00 pm

15 Mar 2012

If you are a Shiatsu massage therapist who has had prior training in Namikoshi Shiatsu and is looking for a review this course is for you. Namikoshi Shiatsu came about when Tokujiro Namikoshi developed the technique when as a seven year-old Japanese boy he came up with a system of pressing with his thumbs and palms on his mother who suffered from rheumatoid arthritis. He went on to create a systemized shiatsu therapy and founded the Japan Shiatsu College in 1940. He also included Western anatomy and physiology in this practice. This class will offer the simplicity of Namikoshi Shiatsu ...

Consider the East West Therapeutic Bodywork Diploma Program: Available Full time & Part time

28 Feb 2012

The East West Therapeutic Bodywork is CenterPoint’s premier program. It gives you the distinct advantage of obtaining the skill and knowledge of two major styles of bodywork. If you want to help people feel better, recover from injury, and restore balance and vitality this is the therapeutic massage training program of choice. It offers in-depth training and provides the unique advantage of experiencing both Japanese Shiatsu therapy and Therapeutic Massage. Choosing this program will position you to best serve the greatest number of clients in need of bodywork. Upon graduation you will have: Learned the philosophies, theoretical foundations, assessment techniques, hands-on applications ...

“Finger Pressure” Shiatsu Basics Class, Saturday, March 10 • 10:00 am – 5:00 pm • Register by Mar 6

23 Feb 2012

Give yourself and your family and friends the opportunity to experience the benefits of a Shiatsu massage. In this course you will learn simple finger pressure techniques that are effective in relieving and preventing chronic aches, pains, and common daily ailments. Participants will learn the theories of Qi, Yin/Yang, and the Eight Principles, which are the basic theories in Traditional Chinese Medicine. You’ll also discover the basic techniques used in Shiatsu for treating the neck, back, abdomen, legs and feet. Shiatsu offers many benefits, including the relief of headaches, backaches, stiff necks, fatigue, indigestion and menstrual discomfort. While Shiatsu is a ...

Diamond Heart Qigong – Ethics In Energy Healing for Bodyworkers Workshop Jan 28-29, Register by Jan. 20

17 Jan 2012

Qigong is an ancient Chinese healing art. In Chinese medicine the Heart is likened to the Emperor of the Realm, the final arbiter in all matters of importance. The Heart is also the balance point between the energies of Heaven and Earth, the seat of intuition, and home to the Shen, or indwelling spirit. This system of Qigong is designed to slowly and carefully transform the Heart into a jewel of strength, integrity, and love. As a result of the benefits of this course you will: learn to tap the immense resources of the Heart to bring strength, clarity, and confidence to ...

Interested in the Thai Massage Jan 21/22 Workshop? Register by Dec 23

17 Jan 2012

Thai Massage is part of the four-fold traditional medical system of Thailand (the others are herbal medicine, nutritional medicine, and spiritual practices). Thai medicine shares features with Chinese medicine and Ayurvedic medicine, including the concepts of energy flow through pathways of the body. This style of bodywork emphasizes the mind/body connection and has been utilized in the treatment of physical, emotional and spiritual disorders. This system of manual therapy includes stretching and extending the range of motion of the client’s body. The stretching often takes the form of assisted Yoga. Once the client has relaxed deeply, the practitioner, with a heightened sensitivity, stretches the client to his or her ...

Foot and Hand Reflexology Workshop Jan 28-29, Register by Jan. 6

17 Jan 2012

  Reflexology isn't a new practice, archeological evidence points to ancient reflexology medical practices in Egypt in 2330 BCE,  in China in 2704 BCE, and Japan in 690 CE. Reflexology was finally brought to America in 1909 by Dr. William Fitzgerald, an Connecticut eye, ear and nose specialist.    Reflexology is the practice of applying pressure to the feet and hands utilizing specific thumb, finger and hand techniques without the use of oil, cream or lotion based on a system of zones and reflex areas that reflect an image of the body on the feet and hands with a premise ...