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Continuing Education Category

Chinese Medical Massage (Tui Na): Pain Relief for All Ages

04 Jan 2017

Are you a massage or shiatsu therapist or student who would like to offer a very specific type of bodywork for pain relief? Coming this February at our Minneapolis massage school is a continuing education class in a bodywork therapy that has been found to be very effective for pain management: Tui Na, or Chinese medical massage. Pain is something that affects all of us - from the moment of our birth until we take our last breath.  Here are some statistics to consider*: 1 in 4 Americans report having had pain that has lasted more than 24 hours at ...

Craniosacral Massage: A Basic Understanding & History

21 Dec 2016

Here at our Minneapolis massage school, even though it's cold outside, we've got some hot topics we'll be exploring in our continuing education courses for professional massage and shiatsu therapists. One of those classes is coming in January 2017 - Craniosacral Techniques. If you're a bodywork professional looking to add an in-demand skill to your toolkit, this might be just what you're looking for.   What is Craniosacral Massage? This technique - also called CranioSacral Therapy, is a relatively new modality that has arisen here in the U.S. We say 'new,' because in comparison to many bodywork therapies that are ...

Bodywork Professionals: Join Us in Minneapolis This January for Craniosacral Techniques

21 Nov 2016

January in Minneapolis can be quite chilly, so if you're a massage or shiatsu therapist, why not plan to do something indoors where it's warm? At our Minneapolis massage school we've got just the thing: Craniosacral Techniques as a part of our continuing education calendar. As consumers become more savvy about therapeutic massage, many are beginning to request modalities other than the standard Swedish massage. And since the most common reason people schedule a massage is to deal with pain, it's helpful to have more than one technique to offer your clients, since at times a specialized approach might be preferred. ...

Winter Workshops and Classes Open to the Public at Our Minneapolis Massage School

07 Nov 2016

Did you know that the Continuing Education department at our Minneapolis massage and shiatsu therapy school isn't just for bodywork professionals?   That's right; many of our continuing education workshops and classes are open to the public, even those with no prior bodywork training. Some of the classes are designed to give you a taste of what massage or shiatsu is like, while in others we present helpful wellness techniques. And this winter is no different. We've got a number of classes coming up that are open to anyone. Massage Basics (December 10, 2016): Whether you are considering a career as ...

Two New Continuing Ed Courses Coming in Late Fall for Massage Therapists

19 Oct 2016

Here at our Minneapolis massage school one of our goals is to provide excellent support for our grads and other professional massage therapists around the Twin Cities area. Part of that support is adjusting our continuing education classes to provide relevant training so bodywork therapists have the skills that are in demand. This fall our calendar includes two new courses we're really excited about: Special Populations:  Fibromyalgia (November 22nd; register by November 10th) Fibromyalgia is a devastating, painful condition that affects more than 5 million Americans (some estimates run as high as 11 million). To put it simply, in an ...

Take Thai Massage to the Next Level with Our April CE Class

23 Mar 2016

One of the great things about the continuing education curriculum at our Minneapolis massage school is we get the opportunity to present a wide variety of bodywork therapies that professional massage or shiatsu therapists may not have learned during their training. Each year we add new courses, but there are some standard favorites we repeat.   We also add advanced courses in some modalities to help bodyworkers take their techniques to the next level. A great example is our upcoming class in Advanced Thai Massage (four session, starting April 2, 2016).  Traditional Thai massage is an ancient healing technique that uses ...

New Bodywork Continuing Ed Classes for Spring 2016

24 Feb 2016

If you're a massage or shiatsu therapist who's part of our alumni community, you're probably well aware that we regularly add new continuing education courses.  Often those are due to your requests.  Since our goal is to provide excellence in all we do - including ongoing support and training - we're pleased to announce new courses for for spring 2016: Sports Massage (March 13) - open to MT therapy grads and students; this workshop will cover pre-event, post-event, and restorative massage for athletes Advanced Thai Massage (April 2 & 3, April 16 & 17) - open to grads of CenterPoint's ...

Check Out What’s New in Continuing Ed for Bodywork Therapists

04 Nov 2015

If you're a regular participant in our continuing education courses, you know that we offer some standard courses each year - because they're in demand and they're good basics for therapists to stay up on.  But if you haven't checked out our course calendar recently, you're in for a surprise because we've added some exciting new classes. As a part of our commitment to excellence in supporting professional bodywork therapists, we're offering these NEW courses this coming winter/spring term. Birth Doula & Bodywork Therapy (3 weekends, beginning January 23, 2016) Advanced Side-Position Massage (February 7, 2016) Reiki - Level 1 ...

Get Energy Pumping With Ion Cords, Magnets & Tuning Forks

28 Aug 2015

We've got an exciting new class coming this November, just in time for the winter blahs:  Extraordinary Energetics - Ion Cords, Magnets & Tuning Forks.  This class is designed both for bodywork professionals as well as acupuncturists.  While the techniques you'll learn in this continuing education class can be used with your clients all year round, you may find them especially beneficial during those months that people complain of feeling sluggish and run down.  The ToolsIon Cords - also known as ion pumping cords - were developed by a Japanese doctor, Yoshio Manaka.  This device is designed to be used ...

Bodywork Therapists: Need Some Actual Tools For Your Toolkit?

08 Jul 2015

Massage and shiatsu therapists often refer to their repertoire of techniques as their tool kits.  But many bodywork professionals are taking that term literally and adding actual physical implements that can support and enhance the modalities they already offer their clients.  There are some tools that therapists use that lessen the strain placed on the hands and fingers, but in this particular post we're going to be discussing some.  Upcoming Bodywork Continuing Education Courses Using ToolsAt our Minneapolis area massage and shiatsu therapy school we've got a number of continuing education courses scheduled this fall that cover the use of ...