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Continuing Education Category

Professional Bodywork Therapists: Plan Now for Spring/Summer Continuing Ed Classes

19 Jan 2018

We know, we're in the middle of another really cold Minnesota winter, so why are we talking about spring and summer already? Maybe the thoughts of those seasons will warm you up a little! But a more important reason is that the continuing education courses at our Minneapolis area massage school fill up quickly. So we wanted to give you a heads up about what we've got scheduled so you can get your registration completed before the class you'd really like to take is full. If you take a look at our Continuing Education calendar and see what we have ...

It’s a Great Time for Massage Therapists to Add Hydrotherapy to Their Skills

15 Jan 2018

Welcome to 2018!  What better way for bodywork therapists to celebrate the new year than to add a new skill! Coming to the continuing education calendar at our Minneapolis massage and shiatsu therapy school in February, we've got a great one for the winter season - Hydrotherapy. What is Hydrotherapy? Although the term 'hydrotherapy' incorporates a wide variety of techniques (each with their own variations), the simple definition is the therapeutic use of water in the form of liquid, ice, or steam. The human body is almost two-thirds water, so it shouldn't be surprising that using water for healing and ...

Bodywork Continuing Ed News: New Classes This Winter!

15 Dec 2017

At our Minneapolis massage school, we endeavor to do all we can to support our students and grads as well as other bodywork professionals in their chosen career field. As a part of that effort, we regularly reassess our continuing education schedule and add new classes. This winter, in addition to the regular favorites, here are new classes you can choose from, whether you're looking to finish off your hourly requirement or just want to add a new skill: Auricular Therapy for Massage Therapists (January 21) - This therapy is usually offered by acupuncturists and shiatsu therapists, but we've tailored ...

Warm Up This Winter: Discount on Thai Massage Class

06 Dec 2017

Yes, winter here in the Twin Cities can be cold, but we've got a hot deal at our Minneapolis massage school for grads of a therapeutic bodywork program (or students who have completed at least 120 hours). Our Thai Massage class (already a 'hot' one) currently has a $100 discount! [caption id="attachment_10877" align="alignleft" width="260"] Thai massage[/caption] Thai massage is an ancient healing approach, and it's incredibly popular even today. It's considered by some to be one of the most relaxing of massage modalities. Students in this class will also learn the basics of traditional Thai medicine, which has many points ...

Take Control: Balance Your Health and Life with Bullet Journaling

18 Oct 2017

If you've taking a look at our continuing education calendar, you may know that we often present classes and workshops that are open to the general public, not just bodywork students or practitioners. This November we've got a NEW class - Bullet Journaling: Creativity, Balance, and Wellness. What Is Bullet Journaling? Can It Help You Gain Control of Your Life? Let's address the second question first. If you feel like your life is out of control, if you feel pulled in a gazillion directions at once, if you feel like the demands on your mind, body, and emotions are overwhelming ...

New This Fall: Continuing Ed Courses at Our Minneapolis Massage School

04 Aug 2017

One of the things we enjoy as we put together our continuing education calendar for each term is to evaluate the need and interest and then add new courses to meet them. This coming term (Fall 2017) we have a number of new classes, in addition to those that are regular favorites. And what's more, some of these are open to the general public. These new courses include: Five-Element Qigong - multiple sessions, beginning September 13th.  We've offered classes on qigong in the past, but this one takes it up a notch. You'll get to explore and practice the exercises related ...

Bodywork Therapists and Friends: Register Now for Fall Continuing Ed Courses

05 Jul 2017

Even though summer has just begun, this is the perfect time for massage and shiatsu therapy professionals to sign up for continuing education courses scheduled for this fall at our Minneapolis school. You can get your required continuing education credits arranged and then you can relax and enjoy your summer without having to think about it anymore! Another great reason to get registered now is that many of these courses are very popular, and we've seen in the past that they fill up quickly. So if you see something on our fall calendar that you're interested in, we suggest you ...

Summer Continuing Education Classes at Our Minneapolis Massage & Shiatsu School

21 Jun 2017

Yes, we know that for most people, school just wrapped up.  And here we are, talking about more classes for the summer!   We think this summer is the perfect time for bodywork students and professionals to take a few hours to improve their skills in specific areas. Most of our courses are only a few hours, and that's not a whole lot to invest in your future! Here's what we've got scheduled for July and August. Some classes are available to both massage and shiatsu therapists, while others have specific requirements, so check each course description. Upcoming Continuing Education ...

Birth Doula and Bodywork Therapy: A Natural Combination

12 Apr 2017

If there was ever someone who needed a relaxing massage, it's a pregnant woman. But prenatal massage has many more benefits in addition to its stress-relieving, relaxation-promoting components. Pregnant women deal with a number of health issues that massage therapy can address: Varicose veins Swollen ankles and feet (from edema build-up) Lower back pain Sore joints Difficulty sleeping Impaired circulation Muscle tension and headaches Prenatal Massage There is plenty of evidence that supports the use of therapeutic massage to address all of these conditions. And under most circumstances, prenatal massage is very safe. As a woman's pregnancy progresses, some adjustments ...

Bodyworkers: Register Now for Spring Continuing Education Courses!

06 Mar 2017

Here at our Minneapolis massage and shiatsu therapy school, our continuing education courses are very popular, and many fill up fast. So if you're a massage or shiatsu therapist and you need to get some CE credits in, check out what's available this spring and register now so you don't miss out. Also, most have a registration deadline to avoid a late fee, so check the dates.   Here's our current selection of spring courses specifically for bodywork professionals. (There are others open to the public as well). Please note that some of our March CE classes may have openings, ...