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Benefits of Massage Category

More on the Benefits of Regular Massage

27 Oct 2017

In our last post, we discussed one major benefit of getting a massage on a regular basis - improved, increased circulation. But there are other reasons you should be including therapeutic massage in your health and wellness routine. More Benefits of Massage Therapy Other major health benefits of getting a therapeutic massage on a regular basis (suggested frequency is about once a month; more often if you're dealing with a health complaint or injury) are those conditions which are common to many people. Get better sleep. Studies show that a large portion of the U.S. population would be classified as ...

Some Reasons Why Getting a Massage Regularly Is a Good Idea

23 Oct 2017

As a Minneapolis wellness school that specializes in massage therapy training, we think it's high time people stop thinking about massage as a just a luxury and realize it can be a very important component in a healthy lifestyle. Yes, spa-type services have their place, and every once in awhile having a luxurious, relaxing massage simply for the benefit of feeling pampered can be the right thing to do. But did you know that getting a massage on a regular basis has health benefits as well? There's nothing wrong with getting a spa-type massage; in fact, sometimes being able to ...

More on Whiplash and Therapeutic Massage

16 Oct 2017

In our previous post we talked about massage therapy for neck pain, and whiplash in particular. (If you haven't read that earlier article, click here.)  Because whiplash can cause injury to different muscle groups, it's important for the bodywork therapist to first take a history of the accident (with as much detail as possible) and resulting symptoms as well as obtain the consent of the patient's treating physician. The next step is resistance testing to identify which muscle groups are affected. These are most commonly the scalenes or the sternocleidomastoids, although the erector spinae may also be involved. Sternocleidomastoid injury ...

Can Massage Therapy Help a Whiplash Injury?

13 Oct 2017

Neck pain is a common reason people seek out the services of a massage therapist. And there have been numerous studies that support the benefits of therapeutic massage for addressing neck pain. In this particular post, we'd like to focus on a specific type of neck pain - whiplash, or hyperextension. Whiplash is More than Just a Pain in the Neck Neck pain can arise from a variety of causes, and in this digital age, one of the most common is what's referred to as 'text neck,' a strain resulting from the weight of the head bending the cervical spine ...

Even Infants Can Benefit from Massage Therapy

11 Oct 2017

If you are a regular reader of our blog posts, you know we often talk about the benefits of therapeutic massage. Whether you're dealing with tight muscles, anxiety, tension, stress, or painful conditions, often relief can be achieved with the help of a massage therapist. And because of those 'feel good' hormones a massage can release, it can also lead to a feeling of relaxation and well-being. Generally we're talking about adults when we discuss the things massage is good for. But the truth is that massage therapy is beneficial for anyone, of any age, including babies. Infants in particular ...

Can Massage Therapy Play a Role in Combating the Drug Addiction Crisis?

31 Jul 2017

There is no question that drug addiction is one of the fastest-growing health problems in the U.S. today, with usage of both street drugs and abuse of prescription medications reaching almost epidemic proportions. Everyone agrees that we need solutions, but can therapeutic massage play a part in treating addiction? At first glance that might seem like an odd question. You might wonder what a massage can do to address drug addiction. It turns out that massage therapy may be helpful in treating addictions of several sorts - not only drugs but also alcohol and nicotine. Addiction may have physical components, ...

You May Not Know It, But You Probably Need a Massage

21 Jul 2017

The massage therapy industry has been working very hard to combat the misconception that massage is simply a pampering or luxurious service. Apparently we're doing our job well, because more and more people are coming to the conclusion that therapeutic massage offers many benefits besides relaxation. Are you among those who don't get regular massages because you believe you don't really need it? The truth is, you probably DO need a massage on a regular basis, though you may not know it. Here are some reasons we'd like you to consider: Everyone - and we mean everyone - has some ...

Massage Isn’t Just for Women – It’s Good for Men, Too

14 Jul 2017

Men's Health Week (this year, June 12-18) is an annual focus on wellness issues specifically male-related. It's celebrated in mid-June and since it was so recent, we've got men's health on our minds. Massage therapy consumers are more likely to be female, but we'd like to discuss the benefits of bodywork for men in this particular post. First of all, we'd like to point out that discussing their own health is far down on the list of priorities among most men. A Cleveland Clinic study found that most men who rather discuss just about anything else. Current events, sports, and ...

Massage and Chronic Pain Management for Specific Conditions

26 Jun 2017

It's well established that massage therapy offers effective, natural pain relief, and it's one of the top reasons people seek out massage.  Pain comes in two basic types: acute, which results from an injury or particular event, and chronic pain, often part of a medical condition or disease.  Regardless of the reason, there is usually a type of therapeutic massage that can address the underlying causes of the pain.  With some conditions, of course, removing what's causing the pain isn't possible, so the goal of massage in those cases is to manage the pain and keep it within a tolerable ...

Got Pain? Try a massage!

23 Jun 2017

Since the mind picture many have of massage is a luxurious relaxation aid, it might be surprising for some to find out that the number one reason people see a massage therapist is to deal with pain. Of course, those who regularly get massages know it is so much more than a tool to help you relax. The interest in natural ways to manage pain is growing, due in part to the fact that a large proportion of the baby boomer generation is either approaching age 70 or already there. People in this age group tend to experience chronic pain ...