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Benefits of Massage Category

Kick the Winter Blues with the Help of Massage Therapy

17 Jan 2018

Every winter it comes around and hits a lot of people - the winter blues as some often call it, or even winter depression. It can be very mild, but in its worst state, it's a debilitating condition referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder (appropriately, SAD). Fortunately massage therapy can help minimize the symptoms and refresh you. Most of us go through a period in the winter like this, but if it lasts more than a few days (a couple of weeks at the most), it's time to consider addressing it aggressively. What Are the Symptoms of the Winter Blues? ...

Massage Therapy May Be Essential for Diabetics

08 Jan 2018

Educating future massage and shiatsu therapists is our main business, but part of what we strive to do is educate the general public as well regarding the benefits of therapeutic bodywork. If you're a regular reader of our blog, you already know that we often have articles on the benefits of massage therapy, both for overall health and wellness but also for specific complaints and/or medical conditions. One specific condition we'd like to talk about today is diabetes and the benefits of massage therapy. Diabetes mellitus (commonly referred to simply as diabetes) is of major concern because it afflicts a ...

Massage Is Good for Infants – And Here’s Why

05 Jan 2018

Yes, massage therapy is good for EVERYONE! And that's especially true of babies and young children. Often when we talk about the benefits of massage therapy we're speaking of adults, but it's important not to overlook how good it can be for babies. Research has shown that it is extremely beneficial for pre-term babies, and because of that, some hospitals are including massage therapy as part of their neonatal ICU or PICU units. But therapeutic massage can be beneficial for all infants. Research has shown that some things a massage can do for an infant include: Improvement in motor development ...

Why Massage Therapy Should Be Part of Your 2018 Wellness Routine

03 Jan 2018

At our Minneapolis massage and shiatsu therapy school, one thing we've observed recently is that Americans are becoming more proactive with their health. It's especially true of the largest segment of the population, what's referred to as the baby boomers, those who are either of approaching retirement age or are already there. But it's not just limited to older adults. Most people are moving from becoming passive recipients of medical care to actively adding things to their lives to promote wellness - nutritious and healthy foods, exercise and other activities, getting outdoors more, and natural elements like aromatherapy, herbs, and ...

Natural Therapies for Winter Colds: Dealing with the Season’s Unwanted ‘Gifts’

25 Dec 2017

As the holidays approach, seasonal weather and celebrations often bring surprises - unexpected visitors, gifts, parties...and colds. Getting exposed to a rhinovirus (the culprit behind what's referred to as the common cold) might be unavoidable, but there are some natural, holistic approaches you can take to either keep the exposure from triggering an illness or at least lessening the severity and duration of the symptoms. The Common Cold: The Basics First, here are some basics you should know. While we refer to a 'cold,' there are over 200 different rhinoviruses responsible for half of what's also referred to as a ...

Bodywork Research News: Massage Therapy for Fibromyalgia

18 Dec 2017

It is always encouraging to see massage therapy research news that confirms what bodyworkers know from experience and the reports of their clients - that therapeutic massage is very beneficial for pain management. Seeing research study reports on massage and fibromyalgia does give us more talking points with our clients, and it also reinforces the idea that massage is a viable treatment option for those in the mainstream medical profession.  Medical doctors tend to give more credence to scientific research than anecdotal evidence, and a study like this can go a long way in their profession. Fibromyalgia has gotten a ...

More on Massage and Disability

13 Dec 2017

In a recent post we introduced the topic of massage therapy for those who are disabled, and that includes those with developmental issues. (If you haven't read that prior article, click here to read it first.) In this post we'd like to talk specifically about how those with physical disabilities can benefit from regular therapeutic massage. The Benefits of Massage for the Physically Disabled Regardless of the cause - whether disease or injury - those who are physically disabled have many musculoskeletal issues, and significant, chronic pain is common. Massage therapy can play a big role in improving quality of ...

Massage Therapy and the Disabled: The Basics

11 Dec 2017

Everyone can benefit from massage therapy because it has so many good effects, but for certain special needs groups, it has specific things it can offer. There has been plenty of solid research done that supports these claims for people in general. One of those special populations is the disabled. Some of the benefits that anyone can experience that are of special significance for the disabled include: Pain management Sleep support Improvement in range of motion and flexibility Helping with anxiety and depression Immune system boost Improved circulation of blood and lymph Edema reduction Massage and the Physically Disabled In ...

More on the Benefits of Regular Massage

27 Oct 2017

In our last post, we discussed one major benefit of getting a massage on a regular basis - improved, increased circulation. But there are other reasons you should be including therapeutic massage in your health and wellness routine. More Benefits of Massage Therapy Other major health benefits of getting a therapeutic massage on a regular basis (suggested frequency is about once a month; more often if you're dealing with a health complaint or injury) are those conditions which are common to many people. Get better sleep. Studies show that a large portion of the U.S. population would be classified as ...

Some Reasons Why Getting a Massage Regularly Is a Good Idea

23 Oct 2017

As a Minneapolis wellness school that specializes in massage therapy training, we think it's high time people stop thinking about massage as a just a luxury and realize it can be a very important component in a healthy lifestyle. Yes, spa-type services have their place, and every once in awhile having a luxurious, relaxing massage simply for the benefit of feeling pampered can be the right thing to do. But did you know that getting a massage on a regular basis has health benefits as well? There's nothing wrong with getting a spa-type massage; in fact, sometimes being able to ...