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Aromatherapy Category

What Is the History of Aromatherapy Use? Part 1

15 Dec 2014

At our Minneapolis massage school, our emphasis is on providing hands-on training and a comprehensive curriculum, including elective courses which cover a wide range of holistic health care therapies and approaches.  These natural health and wellness treatments are drawn from both Eastern and Western cultures, and most of them are based in practices stretching back into antiquity.  While most of our coursework involves bodywork therapy such as various massage and shiatsu techniques, we also include related disciplines such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Aromatherapy.  What is aromatherapy?  It is generally understood to have arisen first in Egypt many thousands of ...

The Use of Aromatherapy in Massage Treats the Mind, Body, and Spirit

21 Jul 2014

Essential oils have a wonderful fragrance, and they are often used in candles, pot pourri blends, lotions, and room fresheners.  But there is a therapeutic use for these wonderful oils, too - aromatherapy.  Many bodywork professionals incorporate aromatherapy in their regular massage sessions, while some offer it as an add-on.  Why?  There are many reasons, but it has been shown that aromatherapy used in massages can help improve health and decrease the effect of health conditions. It offers many benefits, as the essential oils enter the skin and are circulated through the body. It helps to enhance the mood of ...

Benefits of Aromatherapy for Pregnant Women

04 Apr 2014

Along with various techinques, bodywork often encompasses such augmenting elements as music, lighting, and scents.  Aromatherapy is a natural fit with massage or shiatsu, and the benefits of aromatherapy are many. We've shared about the benefits in several previous posts that clearly details many reasons why aromatherapy is a wonderful idea for those seeking a happier, healthier life. There are specifics to keep in mind with aromatherapy for certain conditions, one of which is pregnancy.  So how does all of this work when dealing with women who are pregnant?The application of essential oils for pregnancy is actually a tradition that ...

Aromatherapy Basics – Using Essential Oils As Part of Bodywork

31 Mar 2014

Many bodywork professionals incorporate aromatherapy into their practices, for both aesthetic and healing purposes.  The use of essential oils is a vital part of aromatherapy. One might even go so far as to say that the two go hand in hand. For this reason it may be helpful to provide some compelling benefits for the use of essential oils.Customers enjoy itMany relieve stressThey are safe on kidsThey can lift your spiritsThey are good for colds and coughsIf you like the idea of enhancing the sensory experiences of your clients and creating a warm and welcoming environment through all five senses, ...

Aromatherapy and Chinese Cupping Combine For Relief From Anxiety and Occupational Stress

05 Mar 2014

Cupping is a bodywork technique that's getting a lot of press these days.  Celebrities are promoting it, spas are offering it, and we even provide cupping sessions in our Student Clinic here at CenterPoint.  Recently there has been some indication that by combining this unique bodywork technique with the age-old practice of aromatherapy, a bodywork therapist can help the client who is suffering from work-related stress and anxiety.  The Chinese cupping Method of bodywork therapy focuses on increasing circulation of the blood to eliminate harmful toxins and restore proper function, in the areas of range-of-motion, swelling, biochemical, and mechanical. It ...

Aromatherapy Basics for Bodywork Professionals

28 Feb 2014

As a student or massage therapy professional, are you well versed in aromatherapy?Aromatherapy is often discussed in bodywork therapy circles. Anyone considering a career in massage therapy - as well as current bodywork professionals - should familiarize themselves with the basics of this highly popular form of therapyThis post is designed to eradicate any confusion you may have on the subject and give you a solid primer on the basics of aromatherapy and its benefits. If you are already involved in the massage therapy industry, this post can help provide you with reasons you may wish to consider incorporating elements ...

Aromatherapy Complements Bodywork Therapy for Relief of Stress and Strain

17 Jan 2014

Millions of people deal with stress on a daily basis. Massage is a recognized method of reducing stress but it can also be complemented with other techniques such as aromatherapy.With so many different influences in our lives competing for immediate attention, our bodies cope by becoming vigilant and able to respond quickly to changing circumstances. When the priority is productivity, we push our body to do whatever it needs to do for us to get the job done, but because the impact on the body is secondary, we don’t spend enough time in the right way to keep our bodies ...

Aromatherapy Contributes to Effective Treatment for Migraines

15 Jan 2014

Aromatherapy, a bodywork technique where the application of essential oils to the skin has a therapeutic effect, can be helpful with a wide variety of conditions, including migraine headaches. When combined with a healthy diet and exercise, proper use of aromatherapy can help bring relief to the millions of people who suffer from migraines.Migraines are painful and debilitating. Pain is typically experienced on one side of the head in throbbing pulsations. Left untreated, migraines can persist for hours, or even a few days. Medication is available, but may causes side effects and can take an extended period of time to ...

Aromatherapy and Massage Combine to Relieve Stress

13 Jan 2014

Chances are you’re probably well aware that massage therapy can be a very useful way of dealing with stress. But there is also much evidence that aromatherapy can be a useful way to help manage stress as well.   Both are beneficial by themselves, but when put together they can produce a substantial effect.  Here are some tips to help you deal with guiding a client in the journey towards healing stress through a combination of aromatherapy and massage therapy.[caption id="attachment_6123" align="alignright" width="161"] photo courtesy of lupus-naturalhealing.com[/caption]The use of essential oils with aromatherapy is often a very helpful way to put ...