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Coming in March to CenterPoint: Anyone Can Learn the Basics of Aromatherapy

13 Jan 2017

Are you interested in learning a natural, pleasant health care therapy that can be practiced by anyone? "Aromatherapy Basics," coming in March to our Minneapolis massage school, is the class for you!   As more and more people turn to natural health care alternatives, the interest in aromatherapy is growing. We include basic instruction in aromatherapy is part of the curriculum for our bodywork students, but we recognize that there is quite an interest in the general public in this healing art and science. That's why we're making this class available to all. What is aromatherapy? Quite simply, it is ...

Why Should You Try Easing Anxiety With Aromatherapy?

24 Jun 2016

Approximately 40 million adults in the United States suffer from anxiety disorders. While everyone experiences worry from time to time, these individuals experience high degree of ongoing anxiety with no discernable trigger. Many just accept it and find ways to live with it; others pursue medical therapy via prescription drugs, which carries the risk of side effects and may not be effective. However, others have found great success in integrating aromatherapy into their health routines. Combined with common sense healthy lifestyle choices, like getting exercise, a healthy diet and regular massage, aromatherapy can contribute to alleviating symptoms of anxiety. You ...

Improve Your Health with Aromatherapy

15 Jun 2016

Aromatherapy is a word that’s getting a lot of press these days. Just what exactly is it? First let’s talk about what it is not. Sweet scented lotions, candles and bath oils might smell good, and you may enjoy their fragrance and find them pleasant, but none of that is a guarantee that whatever is producing the scent is health-enhancing. Genuine aromatherapy products are produced from extracts of plants, while many scented products are crafted using chemicals and synthetic fragrances. This is the main distinction. Botanical extracts used in aromatherapy are referred to as essential oils.  An essential oil contains ...

Take Care With Aromatherapy + Massage

11 Mar 2016

One of the nicest ways to enhance a massage session is by using beautifully fragranced oils to compliment your regular massage oil or fill the air with relaxing scent. Remember aromatherapy is a lot more than just a pretty smell. Enhanced Symptom Relief Respected medical organizations like the US Department of Veteran’s Affairs and the American Cancer Society have begun to accept aromatherapy as a great supplement for traditional medical care in recent years.  Many hospitals, such as Regions here in the Twin Cities include aromatherapy for in-patient care. It has helped many people treat their insomnia, aches, pains and ...

Can’t Sleep? Research Shows Aromatherapy Can Change That

27 Apr 2015

Most of us don't get enough sleep, to the point that 'sleep deprived' is a recognized medical diagnosis.  The causes are many - busy schedules, too much technology and stimulation before bed, chronic pain that keeps you awake, and more.  Prescriptions and over-the-counter meds claim to help, but they've got lots of undesirable side effects as well as the potential for addiction.  So instead of taking a pill, why not take a deep breath and inhale something pleasant?Aromatherapy holds promise for enhancing sleep, according to new research.  Information regarding an analytical study of 13 separate trials indicates that inhalation aromatherapy ...

How You Can Treat Colds & Flu Naturally With Aromatherapy

17 Dec 2014

Despite our best efforts at self care, winter often brings with it at least one bout with a cold or flu.  Sales of tissues and over-the-counter cold medicines soar at this time of year, and both adults and children can get hit hard, even if they've had flu shots.Colds and flu are both due to viruses, and asking the doctor for an antibiotic won't help.  Antibiotics don't work on viruses, but the good news is there is a much gentler, natural approach that's effective and even pleasant: Aromatherapy.  Aromatherapy involves the use of volatile oils extracted from flowers and other ...

What Is the History of Aromatherapy Use? Part 1

15 Dec 2014

At our Minneapolis massage school, our emphasis is on providing hands-on training and a comprehensive curriculum, including elective courses which cover a wide range of holistic health care therapies and approaches.  These natural health and wellness treatments are drawn from both Eastern and Western cultures, and most of them are based in practices stretching back into antiquity.  While most of our coursework involves bodywork therapy such as various massage and shiatsu techniques, we also include related disciplines such as Traditional Chinese Medicine and Aromatherapy.  What is aromatherapy?  It is generally understood to have arisen first in Egypt many thousands of ...

The Use of Aromatherapy in Massage Treats the Mind, Body, and Spirit

21 Jul 2014

Essential oils have a wonderful fragrance, and they are often used in candles, pot pourri blends, lotions, and room fresheners.  But there is a therapeutic use for these wonderful oils, too - aromatherapy.  Many bodywork professionals incorporate aromatherapy in their regular massage sessions, while some offer it as an add-on.  Why?  There are many reasons, but it has been shown that aromatherapy used in massages can help improve health and decrease the effect of health conditions. It offers many benefits, as the essential oils enter the skin and are circulated through the body. It helps to enhance the mood of ...

Benefits of Aromatherapy for Pregnant Women

04 Apr 2014

Along with various techinques, bodywork often encompasses such augmenting elements as music, lighting, and scents.  Aromatherapy is a natural fit with massage or shiatsu, and the benefits of aromatherapy are many. We've shared about the benefits in several previous posts that clearly details many reasons why aromatherapy is a wonderful idea for those seeking a happier, healthier life. There are specifics to keep in mind with aromatherapy for certain conditions, one of which is pregnancy.  So how does all of this work when dealing with women who are pregnant?The application of essential oils for pregnancy is actually a tradition that ...

Aromatherapy Basics – Using Essential Oils As Part of Bodywork

31 Mar 2014

Many bodywork professionals incorporate aromatherapy into their practices, for both aesthetic and healing purposes.  The use of essential oils is a vital part of aromatherapy. One might even go so far as to say that the two go hand in hand. For this reason it may be helpful to provide some compelling benefits for the use of essential oils.Customers enjoy itMany relieve stressThey are safe on kidsThey can lift your spiritsThey are good for colds and coughsIf you like the idea of enhancing the sensory experiences of your clients and creating a warm and welcoming environment through all five senses, ...