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Therapeutic Bodywork Workshop for Treating Cancer Patients & Survivors 2 Mondays, May 14 & 21 • 6 – 10 pm Register by May 4

03 May 2012

Cancer is the #1 cause of death in people 35-64 years of age. It’s the #2 cause of death in people 65 and older. So the likelihood is that you know someone who has had cancer and most likely have clients that are cancer survivors or fighters. Massage therapy has become one of the leading therapies adopted to help comfort people in pain and bring them comfort. It’s now known that it actually improves the quality of their lives.  It wasn’t that long ago that it was believed that massage could hinder a patient with cancer's health.  But that has ...

Get Trained in Shiatsu Basics Saturday, May 12 • 10:00 am – 5:00 pm • Register by May 4

27 Apr 2012

Shiatsu is a 2,500-year-old system of natural healing based on the beauty and philosophies of Japan and China. If you find that you would like to offer some practical natural healing to your family, friends and yourself this might be the class for you. Shiatsu is a therapeutic bodywork massage that came from Japan but is based on traditional Chinese medicine that is coupled with modern anatomy and physiology. In this class you will learn the simple yet effective Shiatsu finger pressure techniques. It is one of the main modalities within the larger profession of Asian Bodywork Therapy. Shiatsu is ...

Craniosacral Techniques for Asian Bodywork Workshop: Saturday & Sunday, May 5 & 6 • 9:00 am – 5:00 pm Register by April 20

19 Apr 2012

This Asian Bodywork and Craniosacral Techniques training provides students with hands on training, assessment, and treatment planning. In some people standard massage treatment strategies don't always apply when their patterns of imbalance have become deeply established. Chronic illnesses often represent a complex interweaving of health and pathology that demands an approach that is made with extreme care and accuracy.  It must address both the gross anatomy; the organs, parts, and structures of a body that are visible to the naked, and the subtle anatomy. Deep listening, subtle palpation skills of craniosacral therapy combined with the sophisticated theoretical and technical repertoire of ...

Specialized Therapeutic Bodywork for Special Populations Training: Mondays, April 30 – August 13 • 6 – 10 pm Register by April 13

11 Apr 2012

What do pregnant women, athletes, geriatric clients; people with HIV/AIDS, cancer, and survivors of trauma and abuse have in common? All of these special populations have been found to find the benefit of well being from massage therapy. Cancer survivors and patients, HIV patients, athletes, survivors of trauma and abuse are all similar when they say that massage therapy has and does play a very important place in their lives. At whatever point they each may be in their individual journeys one thing comes out in study after study. Well-trained therapeutic bodywork professional can make a real ...

Be Prepared! Take Adult CPR Saturday, May 5 • 1- 5 pm • Register by Apr 27

11 Apr 2012

Cardio - HEART  Pulmonary - LUNGS  Resuscitate - REVIVE===CPR This American Heart Association HeartSaver CPR course teaches basic life support techniques to use on adults. In this class participants will learn from demonstration and class participation. CPR is a combination of simulating the breathing of the lungs and the pumping of the heart. The main purpose is to restore flow of oxygenated blood to the brain and heart until you can get the person to medical professionals. How do you know if someone needs CPR? No breathing or difficulty breathing (gasping) No pulse Unconsciousness A couple of compelling reasons to ...

Therapeutic Bodywork for Geriatric Care 2 Mondays, April 30 & May 7 • 6 – 10 pm Register by April 20

11 Apr 2012

The benefits of regular geriatric massage for geriatric clients are impressive. Massage therapy helps improve the general quality of their lives. It can help to relieve stress and depression. It also helps with loneliness as they have someone else who is interested in the quality of their overall heath. Plus it helps with a major problem many geriatric clients have which is the quality and length of their sleep times. The “baby boomer” generation knows the benefits of bodywork and massage. In the U.S. they are the largest demographic group that regularly seeks massage therapy. This means a lot of massage ...

Expand with Spa & Resort Techniques 3 Weekends! May 19/20, Jun 16/17, Jul 21/22 • 9:00 am – 5:30 pm Register by April 27

11 Apr 2012

One of the largest and fast growing opportunities for massage therapists today is to work in the spa or resort business. Different opportunities are available in club spas, day or hair salon spas, medical spas, hotels, cruise ships, and resorts.  Natural healing, relaxation, restoration and working with injuries are the span that a massage therapist can work when at a spa or resort. The foundation is therapeutic and the focus is the healing perspective along with comfort and relaxation of CenterPoint’s Spa and Resort Workshop. Spa techniques that include wraps, clay application, hydrotherapy, heated stone massage, and much more will ...

Open up Possibilities. Lymph Drainage Massage Training: Each Monday, April 30 – August 13, 2012 • 6 – 9 pm

02 Apr 2012

Learn Lymphatic Drainage Massage over a series of Mondays. Each Monday builds on the next until you have a total approach to the lymphatic system. This hands on training will cover lymphatic drainage massage. It is known for its light-touch manual approach that moves excess lymphatic fluid (edema), which often represents itself as swelling, through gentle, repetitive, slow movements that improve congestive conditions. Lymph drainage massage brings the edema to an area in the body where the fluid can drain back into the body and be processed. Dr. Emil Vodder, a Danish massage therapist and his wife Estrid, developed it ...

Support for the Body’s Natural Healing Process with Kinesio® Taping

27 Mar 2012

As a bodywork professional, if you work with athletes or clients with chronic pain, Kinesio® Taping techniques could be a valuable addition to your skill "toolbox."  This taping method is in widespread use among the international medical community, especially for Olympic and professional athletes.   CenterPoint Massage & Therapy School & Clinic is excited to be able to offer training in this technique as a part of our continuing education program.   Chiropractors and sports trainers as well as massage professionals might also find this workshop helpful.  Those whose clients suffer chronic pain from musculoskeletal problems will acquire an additional method to help aid in their ...

Kinesio® Taping Class April 21 & 22 | The Definitive Rehabilitative Taping Method

13 Mar 2012

Call us today to register at 952-562-5200! Over the past couple of years Olympic and professional athletes have increasingly been seen in competitions with multi-colored strips that is Kinesio Taping®. Now we're seeing professional musicians, and  your every day young and old person out and about with the telltale strips on. it's applicable to clients of all ages. Kinesio® Taping is playing an increasingly important role in sports massage. In addition, it it woks well with general clients with musculoskeletal pain and problems. The Kinesio® Taping Method fosters the body’s natural ability to heal itself by activating neurological and circulatory systems to ...