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Busting Common Myths About Massage Therapy

08 Dec 2017

With Halloween just having passed, perhaps there are some traces of frights lingering, or maybe you’re just someone who enjoys those horror movies. Let’s face it, some people just get a kick out of being scared. While that’s fine for entertainment, we’d like to eliminate some of the common misperceptions about massage therapy that may be keeping you away from a health care modality that could offer you some real benefits. If you’re one of those who hasn’t tried massage because you’re scared by some of the things you’ve heard, this post is for you.

I’m afraid of the pain. Does the idea of pain frighten you? We’d like to find the individual who coined the phrase, “No pain, no gain,” and set them straight. Pain does not always equate with improvement, and often it’s an indication that you should stop or avoid what you’re doing. Sometimes if you’re going for release of some really tense muscles or you have deep tissue issues, there may be some discomfort while your therapist works the area. But the truth is, the degree of pressure you will experience is totally dependent on you and your comfort level. Your therapist will expect you to communicate throughout the session regarding your comfort and will make adjustments to your tolerance.

I get scared of getting naked with strangers. This is understandable. Fortunately, no reputable massage therapist will expect you to undress in front of them. And you are allowed to undress only to your level of personal comfort. It’s not unusual for those who are new to massage to leave their undergarments on, and your therapist will certainly understand.

After an initial conversation about your session, the therapist will leave you in private to undress and then cover yourself on the table with a sheet or other drape. When your massage therapist returns to start your massage, only a sufficient amount of your body will be uncovered so that area can be worked. When the therapist is done and ready to move on to another part of your body, the drape will be adjusted again. You will never be expected to be completely naked in front of your therapist, and when the session is over, you will again be left in private to dress.

If the idea of getting even somewhat nude really gives you the frights, you might choose a number of other bodywork therapies that can be done on a fully-clothed individual, such as Indian head massage, Thai massage, or even shiatsu, a Japanese bodywork therapy. One way to explore the benefits of massage is to have a chair massage. You’ve probably seen kiosks at malls or health fairs where chair massages are offered. You can sit back, completely dressed, and enjoy having your head, neck, and upper body worked.

The cost frightens me. If the idea of spending money on a massage gives you the shakes, it might help to think of it as health care rather than a pampering service. The average cost of a one-hour massage is somewhere between $60-$75. And many massage therapy clinics and spas offer discounts for repeat clients, or you may be able to purchase a package of multiple sessions at reduced cost.

What would it cost to spend 60 minutes with your doctor? And would that one-hour session take care of any problems you’re having? For all the benefits it delivers, massage therapy is really an economical way to address health and wellness issues. And many of the benefits are actually pro-active in nature – better circulation, less muscle tension, and even improved sleep. When you take those kinds of things into account, a massage is really a bargain!

If the myths and mis-truths about massage therapy have kept you from learning for yourself just what it can do for your body, mind, and soul, we’d like to invite you to schedule an appointment in the Student Clinic (most Fridays and Saturdays) at our Minneapolis massage and shiatsu therapy school. We offer both massage and shiatsu, or you may have an East-West session with both. And even better, our clinic visits are offered at a discount, so it’s even easier on your budget.




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