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Bodywork Research News: Massage Therapy for Fibromyalgia

18 Dec 2017

It is always encouraging to see massage therapy research news that confirms what bodyworkers know from experience and the reports of their clients - that therapeutic massage is very beneficial for pain management. Seeing research study reports on massage and fibromyalgia does give us more talking points with our clients, and it also reinforces the idea that massage is a viable treatment option for those in the mainstream medical profession.  Medical doctors tend to give more credence to scientific research than anecdotal evidence, and a study like this can go a long way in their profession. Fibromyalgia has gotten a ...

Bodywork Continuing Ed News: New Classes This Winter!

15 Dec 2017

At our Minneapolis massage school, we endeavor to do all we can to support our students and grads as well as other bodywork professionals in their chosen career field. As a part of that effort, we regularly reassess our continuing education schedule and add new classes. This winter, in addition to the regular favorites, here are new classes you can choose from, whether you're looking to finish off your hourly requirement or just want to add a new skill: Auricular Therapy for Massage Therapists (January 21) - This therapy is usually offered by acupuncturists and shiatsu therapists, but we've tailored ...

More on Massage and Disability

13 Dec 2017

In a recent post we introduced the topic of massage therapy for those who are disabled, and that includes those with developmental issues. (If you haven't read that prior article, click here to read it first.) In this post we'd like to talk specifically about how those with physical disabilities can benefit from regular therapeutic massage.

The Benefits of Massage for the Physically Disabled

Regardless of the cause - whether disease or injury - those who are physically disabled have many musculoskeletal issues, and significant, chronic pain is common. Massage therapy can play a big role in improving quality of ...

Massage Therapy and the Disabled: The Basics

11 Dec 2017

Everyone can benefit from massage therapy because it has so many good effects, but for certain special needs groups, it has specific things it can offer. There has been plenty of solid research done that supports these claims for people in general. One of those special populations is the disabled. Some of the benefits that anyone can experience that are of special significance for the disabled include: Pain management Sleep support Improvement in range of motion and flexibility Helping with anxiety and depression Immune system boost Improved circulation of blood and lymph Edema reduction

Massage and the Physically Disabled

In ...

Busting Common Myths About Massage Therapy

08 Dec 2017

With Halloween just having passed, perhaps there are some traces of frights lingering, or maybe you're just someone who enjoys those horror movies. Let's face it, some people just get a kick out of being scared. While that's fine for entertainment, we'd like to eliminate some of the common misperceptions about massage therapy that may be keeping you away from a health care modality that could offer you some real benefits. If you're one of those who hasn't tried massage because you're scared by some of the things you've heard, this post is for you. I'm afraid of the pain. ...

Warm Up This Winter: Discount on Thai Massage Class

06 Dec 2017

Yes, winter here in the Twin Cities can be cold, but we've got a hot deal at our Minneapolis massage school for grads of a therapeutic bodywork program (or students who have completed at least 120 hours). Our Thai Massage class (already a 'hot' one) currently has a $100 discount! Thai massage is an ancient healing approach, and it's incredibly popular even today. It's considered by some to be one of the most relaxing of massage modalities. Students in this class will also learn the basics of traditional Thai medicine, which has many points in common with traditional Chinese medicine ...

Thinking About Attending Massage or Shiatsu Therapy School? Come Visit Us as a Student for a Day

04 Dec 2017

Have you been thinking about enrolling as a student in a massage therapy training program but you just aren't sure if it's the right move? We have a variety of opportunities at our Minneapolis school that may help you decide. Attend one of our meet-and-greet sessions. In this open-house-type setting you'll get a chance to interact with our founders as well as some of our faculty, staff, students, and even graduates. We haven't scheduled one yet for spring, so follow us on Facebook and watch for the announcement of our next open house. Arrange for a personal campus visit. We're ...

More on the Benefits of Regular Massage

27 Oct 2017

In our last post, we discussed one major benefit of getting a massage on a regular basis - improved, increased circulation. But there are other reasons you should be including therapeutic massage in your health and wellness routine.

More Benefits of Massage Therapy

Other major health benefits of getting a therapeutic massage on a regular basis (suggested frequency is about once a month; more often if you're dealing with a health complaint or injury) are those conditions which are common to many people. Get better sleep. Studies show that a large portion of the U.S. population would be classified as ...

Recap: Our Massage School at the 2017 Twin Cities Marathon

25 Oct 2017

Each year October brings around one of our favorite events - the annual Medtronic Twin Cities Marathon. And each time the marathon gets put on, CenterPoint puts up its massage tent at the finish line.  This year was no different. Be sure to check out the slide show from this year's race.  As you can see from the photos, our staff and students (as always) had a great day! They even got a chance to give each other a little bodywork to keep their muscles in top shape for the day. This race has often been called "the most beautiful ...

Some Reasons Why Getting a Massage Regularly Is a Good Idea

23 Oct 2017

As a Minneapolis wellness school that specializes in massage therapy training, we think it's high time people stop thinking about massage as a just a luxury and realize it can be a very important component in a healthy lifestyle. Yes, spa-type services have their place, and every once in awhile having a luxurious, relaxing massage simply for the benefit of feeling pampered can be the right thing to do. But did you know that getting a massage on a regular basis has health benefits as well? There's nothing wrong with getting a spa-type massage; in fact, sometimes being able to ...