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You May Not Know It, But You Probably Need a Massage

21 Jul 2017

The massage therapy industry has been working very hard to combat the misconception that massage is simply a pampering or luxurious service. Apparently we're doing our job well, because more and more people are coming to the conclusion that therapeutic massage offers many benefits besides relaxation. Are you among those who don't get regular massages because you believe you don't really need it? The truth is, you probably DO need a massage on a regular basis, though you may not know it. Here are some reasons we'd like you to consider: Everyone - and we mean everyone - has ...

Having Your First Massage? Here’s What to Expect

19 Jul 2017

If you're one of the growing number of people who have decided to find out what all the buzz over massage is about, we congratulate you.  We also know you probably have some questions about what to expect. Hopefully this post will help you feel at ease when you have your first of what is hopefully a recurring therapeutic massage experience. You can expect that your massage therapist will genuinely be interested in finding out about you, your health, your lifestyle, and other things in order to provide a custom-tailored massage. Because of that, you should arrive 10-15 minutes early ...

The Importance of Establishing Policies in a Bodywork Therapy Business: A New Approach

17 Jul 2017

As a massage or shiatsu therapist, if you're employed by or work as a subcontractor for another health care professional, chances are you only have to enforce the policies set by the office you work in. But if you have your own business - which significant amount of our graduates do - you're the one who needs to formulate, set, and maintain policies. While it might seem a little restrictive to think about having set policies, it's a way to protect both you and your clients. Setting office policies will also help you to keep things organized and running smoothly. ...

Massage Isn’t Just for Women – It’s Good for Men, Too

14 Jul 2017

Men's Health Week (this year, June 12-18) is an annual focus on wellness issues specifically male-related. It's celebrated in mid-June and since it was so recent, we've got men's health on our minds. Massage therapy consumers are more likely to be female, but we'd like to discuss the benefits of bodywork for men in this particular post. First of all, we'd like to point out that discussing their own health is far down on the list of priorities among most men. A Cleveland Clinic study found that most men who rather discuss just about anything else. Current events, sports, and ...

Get a Taste of Bodywork Therapy with Our Free Arm & Hand Massage Class

12 Jul 2017

Curious about what it's like to give a massage? Perhaps you'd like a little hands-on practice before you decide to embark on training for a career as a massage therapist? Or maybe you'd like to learn a few things to take care of others.  No matter what your reason, why not register for our next Arm & Hand Massage class? You'll only be investing 2 hours of your time, because it's FREE! Here's what instructor Krisha Crabtree has to say about this class:  "We learn strokes to affect the fingers and the hand and the palm of the hand.  We ...

Beat the Heat This Season with Cold Stone Massage

10 Jul 2017

The use of stones in massage isn't new, even though recent media attention may have you thinking it is. In fact, incorporating objects such as stones into therapeutic bodywork is an ancient technique in some cultures. But normally people associate stone massage with heat. Hot stone massage can be beneficial for many ailments, and is probably a very welcoming experience in the colder months but probably not what you'd want in hot summer weather. So what about switching things up with a COLD stone massage? This is one bodywork modality that both therapist and client will find refreshing on a hot ...

Research News: Thai Massage and Lower Back Pain

07 Jul 2017

With our continuing education class on Thai Massage beginning July 22nd, an article in the latest issue of the International Journal of Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork caught our attention. The title, "The Effectiveness of Thai Massage and Joint Mobilization" makes this a very timely publication. Participants in the study received either Thai massage or commonly-used joint mobilization, and the effectiveness of each was assessed and the results of two methods were compared. The conclusion is that both methods are safe and effective for chronic nonspecific lower back pain. For us, this is significant because back pain is a major reason people seek out ...

Bodywork Therapists and Friends: Register Now for Fall Continuing Ed Courses

05 Jul 2017

Even though summer has just begun, this is the perfect time for massage and shiatsu therapy professionals to sign up for continuing education courses scheduled for this fall at our Minneapolis school. You can get your required continuing education credits arranged and then you can relax and enjoy your summer without having to think about it anymore! Another great reason to get registered now is that many of these courses are very popular, and we've seen in the past that they fill up quickly. So if you see something on our fall calendar that you're interested in, we suggest you ...

More on Lomi Lomi Massage: What Is It Useful For?

30 Jun 2017

All massage modalities are beneficial in general, and many have similar uses.  But each individual is unique, and that means each massage therapy client might require a different protocol than someone else having the exact same physical complaint. Why is that?  Physical conditions and ailments are complex, and they have a variety of underlying causes that may differ, even though the symptoms as presented may seem identical. There are spiritual and emotional components to be taken into account as well.  That's why the most proficient bodywork therapists offer several types of massage, so that a bodywork therapy session can be ...

Lomi Lomi: Massage with a Tropical Flair

28 Jun 2017

Summertime here in Minnesota may get warm, but it's not exactly tropical weather.  We do have a continuing education course this season that has the feel of the islands - Lomi Lomi, also known as Hawaiian massage. Just about every culture across the globe and down through time has had some form of bodywork as part of their therapeutic treatments, and the native Hawaiians were no different. But unlike many other traditional healing practices that got shared between cultures kept this therapeutic massage technique to themselves until very recently.  Instruction in lomi lomi was passed down within the family unit ...