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An Important Question for Bodywork Therapists: How Do You Get More Clients?

26 Jan 2018

If you're a recently graduated bodywork therapist, this is your life: fresh out of school, excited about starting your professional practice, and you're staring at a somewhat empty schedule. But gradually friends come in to see you and they refer their friends and your business gets going. But you'd like to be busier. Or maybe you've been in business for yourself for years, having a steady stream of clients, but you want to expand your practice. So how to you get more clients for your massage therapy business?  That's one of the most challenging parts of the bodywork industry ...

Minnesota Massage Therapy Training: Our East West Therapeutic Bodywork A.A.S. Degree Program

24 Jan 2018

Our Minneapolis massage and shiatsu therapy school offers a number of certificate, diploma and degree programs, and in this post we'd light to shine the spotlight on one of our most recent additions - the East West Therapeutic Bodywork Associate of Applied Science degree. This program - which offers training in both Eastern (primarily shiatsu) and Western (primarily Swedish massage) bodywork is unique in a number of ways, and it's perfect for those who are interested in learning both massage and shiatsu therapy. East West Therapeutic Bodywork has its foundations in the forming of our school from its very beginning. ...

Upcoming Public Events at Our Minneapolis Massage School

22 Jan 2018

Of course since we're a massage and shiatsu school, our main focus is on bodywork training. But we offer so much more! In addition to having a number of certificate, diploma, and degree programs in massage and shiatsu, as a part of our commitment to providing excellence in both training and support, we also offer: Continuing education courses for professional massage and shiatsu therapists Discounted massage and shiatsu in our Student Clinic by supervised student therapists near the end of their training  Job placement and job posting services Classes and workshops open to the general public on topics of general ...

Professional Bodywork Therapists: Plan Now for Spring/Summer Continuing Ed Classes

19 Jan 2018

We know, we're in the middle of another really cold Minnesota winter, so why are we talking about spring and summer already? Maybe the thoughts of those seasons will warm you up a little! But a more important reason is that the continuing education courses at our Minneapolis area massage school fill up quickly. So we wanted to give you a heads up about what we've got scheduled so you can get your registration completed before the class you'd really like to take is full. If you take a look at our Continuing Education calendar and see what we have ...

Kick the Winter Blues with the Help of Massage Therapy

17 Jan 2018

Every winter it comes around and hits a lot of people - the winter blues as some often call it, or even winter depression. It can be very mild, but in its worst state, it's a debilitating condition referred to as Seasonal Affective Disorder (appropriately, SAD). Fortunately massage therapy can help minimize the symptoms and refresh you. Most of us go through a period in the winter like this, but if it lasts more than a few days (a couple of weeks at the most), it's time to consider addressing it aggressively. What Are the Symptoms of the Winter Blues? ...

It’s a Great Time for Massage Therapists to Add Hydrotherapy to Their Skills

15 Jan 2018

Welcome to 2018!  What better way for bodywork therapists to celebrate the new year than to add a new skill! Coming to the continuing education calendar at our Minneapolis massage and shiatsu therapy school in February, we've got a great one for the winter season - Hydrotherapy. What is Hydrotherapy? Although the term 'hydrotherapy' incorporates a wide variety of techniques (each with their own variations), the simple definition is the therapeutic use of water in the form of liquid, ice, or steam. The human body is almost two-thirds water, so it shouldn't be surprising that using water for healing and ...

Massage Therapy May Be Essential for Diabetics

08 Jan 2018

Educating future massage and shiatsu therapists is our main business, but part of what we strive to do is educate the general public as well regarding the benefits of therapeutic bodywork. If you're a regular reader of our blog, you already know that we often have articles on the benefits of massage therapy, both for overall health and wellness but also for specific complaints and/or medical conditions. One specific condition we'd like to talk about today is diabetes and the benefits of massage therapy. Diabetes mellitus (commonly referred to simply as diabetes) is of major concern because it afflicts a ...

Massage Is Good for Infants – And Here’s Why

05 Jan 2018

Yes, massage therapy is good for EVERYONE! And that's especially true of babies and young children. Often when we talk about the benefits of massage therapy we're speaking of adults, but it's important not to overlook how good it can be for babies. Research has shown that it is extremely beneficial for pre-term babies, and because of that, some hospitals are including massage therapy as part of their neonatal ICU or PICU units. But therapeutic massage can be beneficial for all infants. Research has shown that some things a massage can do for an infant include: Improvement in motor development ...

Why Massage Therapy Should Be Part of Your 2018 Wellness Routine

03 Jan 2018

At our Minneapolis massage and shiatsu therapy school, one thing we've observed recently is that Americans are becoming more proactive with their health. It's especially true of the largest segment of the population, what's referred to as the baby boomers, those who are either of approaching retirement age or are already there. But it's not just limited to older adults. Most people are moving from becoming passive recipients of medical care to actively adding things to their lives to promote wellness - nutritious and healthy foods, exercise and other activities, getting outdoors more, and natural elements like aromatherapy, herbs, and ...

Alliance for Massage Therapy Education Spotlights Our Co-Founder Cari Johnson Pelava

02 Jan 2018

Recently at the 2017 Alliance for Massage Therapy Education (AFMTE) Educational Congress in Tucson, some of the leading massage school personnel were interviewed for short spotlights. We’re excited to report that our own Cari Johnson Pelava, co-founder of our Minneapolis massage and shiatsu school, was one of those picked. CenterPoint is proud to be a member of the AFMTE, a very vital organization for those who are educators in massage therapy.  Founded in 2009, the AFMTE has become a sort of ‘university’ for massage school instructors. While Cari’s background is shiatsu, as a founder of our bodywork school that offers ...