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Reflexology: More Than Just Foot Massage

14 Apr 2017

As the interest in natural health care grows here in the U.S., so does the demand for holistic therapies such as reflexology.   You've probably seen those shops popping up everywhere offering foot massage and even advertising their services as reflexology. At times you might see reflexology referred to as a 'reflexology massage.' Some people confuse the two modalities, but they are not the same. In this post we'd like to clear up that confusion. What further complicates matters is that often those who offer their services as reflexology do not have adequate training in this technique. But unfortunately most localities ...

Birth Doula and Bodywork Therapy: A Natural Combination

12 Apr 2017

If there was ever someone who needed a relaxing massage, it's a pregnant woman. But prenatal massage has many more benefits in addition to its stress-relieving, relaxation-promoting components. Pregnant women deal with a number of health issues that massage therapy can address: Varicose veins Swollen ankles and feet (from edema build-up) Lower back pain Sore joints Difficulty sleeping Impaired circulation Muscle tension and headaches

Prenatal Massage

There is plenty of evidence that supports the use of therapeutic massage to address all of these conditions. And under most circumstances, prenatal massage is very safe. As a woman's pregnancy progresses, some adjustments ...

Why Make Regular Massages a Part of Your Wellness Plan

10 Apr 2017

Most people are concerned about where their money goes. In tight economic times, trimming expenses becomes common. But if you're trying to cut back on your spending and you're tempted to eliminate your regular massage therapy appointments, we'd like you to reconsider. And if you haven't yet experienced therapeutic massage, perhaps after you read this post you'll start, even considering the cost. It's time to start thinking about massage as an investment rather than an expense - an investment in your health and well-being.   Statistics on the number of people having a massage for the first time show that ...

Combating Inflammation with Massage

07 Apr 2017

In our earlier post we talked about inflammation in general, both chronic and acute, and we briefly touched on how massage therapy may help. In this article we'll focus on chronic inflammation. (If you haven't read the earlier post, click here to read "Why All The Focus on Inflammation?") While chronic inflammation causes similar effects as acute inflammation, such as discomfort and other conditions, there's a second, even more threatening component. And that is impairment of the body's natural and necessary immune system. Because the immune system is focused on a nonexistent invader but is still fighting as if there were a ...

Bodywork Professionals: Take Charge of Your Own Wellness and Help Others with Health Restorative Bodywork

05 Apr 2017

If you are a bodywork therapist, chances are that most of the people you will see aren't in the best of health. In fact, most of them are in a state of chronic depletion and exhaustion. If that's an unfamiliar term, we'd like to introduce you to it - it's an important one. Chronic depletion and exhaustion is when the human body is more or less overwhelmed by the demands of one's lifestyle.   Think about this for a moment. The human physiology as it currently exists goes back about 10,000 years. It is basically at odds with modern life. And ...

Why All the Focus on Inflammation?

03 Apr 2017

Perhaps you've noticed that specific health issues get media focus from time to time. One of the conditions that is getting attention right now is inflammation. You may have also noticed articles about anti-inflammatory supplements and even special diets to combat it. In many cases, inflammation responds well to massage therapy. Here's an excerpt from the July 2012 issue of the NIH News in Health: A study published earlier this year looked at how massage affects muscles at the molecular level. The findings suggest that kneading eases sore muscles after exercise by turning off genes associated with inflammation and turning ...

The Prospect of Minnesota Licensing and the Future for Our Massage School Graduates

17 Mar 2017

The State of Minnesota is currently one of the few in the nation not requiring licensing for massage therapists. According to the ABMP, licensing is required in 43 other states, plus the District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and the U.S. Virgin Islands. However, in Minnesota many local communities require licenses, and the issue is before the state legislature.   All this may be of concern to those who have graduated from our Minneapolis massage school. But whatever the outcome of the pending Minnesota legislation, we'd like to reassure you that your degree or diploma from our school is more than ...

More on PTSD and Massage Therapy

15 Mar 2017

In an earlier post, we discussed Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and its common symptoms. (If you haven't read that article yet, click here for part 1.) In this follow-up post we'll talk about how massage therapy may offer supportive care for someone with PTSD. While a massage therapist can't function as a psychotherapist for someone with PTSD, the bodywork professional can provide much-needed supportive care. Massage therapy has been found to provide these benefits for many individuals: Relief of stress and anxiety Sleep enhancement Reduction of depression Improved sense of self-esteem and self-worth All of the above can be extremely beneficial ...

Faculty Member Andrej Peterka Talks About His TCM Class, Patterns in Pathology

13 Mar 2017

(Editor's note: This post is the final installment in our three-part interview series with one of our long-time faculty members, Andrej Peterka, L.Ac. If you haven't read the previous articles, click to read his interview on Health Restorative Bodywork and Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine.)   Interviewer: I've really enjoyed hearing about the two classes we discussed. I believe you mentioned you had one other class you could speak about. Andrej: Yes, that is the Patterns in Pathology in Traditional Chinese Medicine class. That is the second class in the lecture sequence. Typically students take their Introduction to Traditional Chinese Medicine ...

More Research News on Massage and Multiple Sclerosis

10 Mar 2017

We have seen much research news lately confirming that therapeutic massage can be extremely helpful for pain management. Since pain is one of the top reasons people seek out the services of a massage therapist, these reports are encouraging.   One report we saw recently on a study involving a group of participants with multiple sclerosis (MS). MS is an autoimmune disorder that affects an estimated half million people in the U.S., with almost 200 new cases being diagnosed every week. Pain and fatigue are major components of this disease. It is estimated that about a third of those with MS ...