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Why Americans Choose Massage Therapy

24 Feb 2017

Why do people get a massage? If you had surveyed Americans just a decade ago as to what people think about massage, you might have gotten a very different answer.   Not too long ago, massage was viewed as a luxury, something to be indulged in at a spa or perhaps while on vacation at a resort. Or maybe it was mostly for those who had plenty of free time and money to spend to alleviate boredom. Perhaps a few might have even answered that it was for stress relief and relaxation. But did you know that currently only about one-fourth ...

Continuing the Conversation with CenterPoint Instructor Andrej Peterka: Traditional Chinese Medicine

22 Feb 2017

Recently we shared an interview with one of our long-time faculty members, Andrej Peterka, L.Ac., of the Eastern Sciences department. Andrej has taught a number of classes at our Minneapolis massage and shiatsu school. In our previous post, he discussed one of our new classes, Health Restorative Bodywork Therapy. (If you haven't seen that post yet, click here to read it.)   Interviewer: In addition to Health Restorative Bodywork Therapy, I understand you're currently teaching another class at CenterPoint. Andrej: Yes, I am.  It's the Fundamentals of Traditional Chinese Medicine class, a 15-week, one term class. It is the entrée ...

Thai Massage for Pain Management: Research Report

20 Feb 2017

Dealing with pain in a natural fashion is one of the main reasons people seek out massage therapy. Fortunately, there are a number of bodywork techniques that can help with pain management. One of those is Thai massage. Since this Asian bodywork modality is part of the curriculum at our Minneapolis massage and shiatsu therapy school as an elective, we notice when it makes the news, especially as regards to research.   A pilot study on the use of Thai massage for posterior shoulder pain, a musculoskeletal condition known as scapulocostal syndrome (SCS) was summarized in the April 2012 issue ...

Massage for Surgery Patients: Before and After

17 Feb 2017

As more and more hospitals are adding massage therapists either as staff or independent contractors, massage for post-op patients is becoming commonplace. Doctors now regularly include post-op massage in their treatment protocols following surgery. What might not be so easily recognized is that massage may also have its place as part of the preparations for surgery.   Of course, any massage therapy undertaken in conjunction with an operation - before or after - should only be done with the consent of the attending doctor. While massage is generally considered safe, there may be an condition the therapist should be aware of, ...

An Interview with CenterPoint’s Own Health Restorative Bodywork Therapy Instructor, Andrej Peterka

15 Feb 2017

At CenterPoint massage and shiatsu therapy school, we strive for excellence in every area. That includes our faculty. We are proud to have so many class instructors who not only have a great academic background but also are practicing professionals in their particular fields. We believe that having hands-on experience in their subject areas gives them a scope and practical application perspective that will be highly beneficial for our students. In today’s post we’d like to spotlight one of the faculty members in our Eastern Medicine Department, Andrej Peterka, LAc. Andrej is a licensed acupuncturist who currently has a private ...

Trying to Get Healthier? Get a Massage and Sleep Better

13 Feb 2017

Studies abound linking poor sleep to poor health. But there's an answer for many who suffer from insomnia. Research supports what massage therapists know from experience - therapeutic massage can help you sleep, better and longer. An eight-hour nightly sleep used to be the common standard, but for many Americans that's no longer the case. Medical experts recommend 7-9 hours of sleep per night, depending on age and other factors. The U.S. Center for Disease Control estimates about 1/3 of us get less than 6 hours of sleep per night (and that doesn't take into account quality). That means 1 ...

Become a Massage Professional in Just 8 Months at Our Minneapolis School

10 Feb 2017

Is 2017 the year you embark on an exciting new career? It is if you register for the next term at our Minneapolis massage and shiatsu school! Whether you'll be graduating from high school this spring and are making decisions about what to do next, or if you're stuck in a dead-end job and you've decided it's time to make a change, please consider training with us as a massage practitioner. Unlike other careers where the minimum training can take a year or more, we have designed a program that will allow you to achieve a massage practitioner certificate in ...

Good Communication = A Great Massage Experience

08 Feb 2017

Normally our blog posts are tailored to bodywork professionals, but this particular post is addressed to a potential massage therapy client. (Although all you massage therapists can learn something here, too. You can help encourage communication by taking steps to make it as easy and as comfortable as possible.) The best massage experience takes work - on the part of the massage therapist as well as the client. Work? A massage client has to do some work? Yes, but it's in the form of communication. Letting your massage therapist know your preferences, your goal for your massage, and things you ...

Research Report: Scientific Evidence for Effects of Hydrotherapy

06 Feb 2017

The average human being is about 57-60% water. (Infants have a much higher percentage, but it drops as we get older). So doesn't it make sense that water-based therapies would be good for the body? In fact, they are. Hydrotherapy - as these treatments are referred to - has long been used by many cultures for health and healing, but modern science has taken a look at the evidence to examine and document the effects it has. There are many different forms of hydrotherapy, and it's also known by these other names: water therapy, balneotherapy, pool therapy, and aquatic therapy. It ...

Got Winter Chills? See Your Massage Therapist

03 Feb 2017

Minneapolis isn't the only city experiencing the icy cold of winter - it seems most of the U.S. has been hit with bitter cold, ice storms, and lots of snow. We can't raise the temps or change the weather, but we can recommend something to help you combat winter's issues: a great massage. Winter brings with it aches and pains, and the chilly temps can leave you sapped both mentally and physically. Also, colds and flu are more common at this time of year, which also mean aches and pains. And in addition, because of the weather, we're often more ...