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Advanced Asian Bodywork Therapy

(2 credit hours, 45 clock hours)

Advanced Asian Bodywork Therapy

This course offers Asian bodywork therapists ways to improve their clinical effectiveness by honing assessment skills, expanding the technical toolbox, and deepening intuitive awareness of, and connection with, the client’s energy system.

Students will deepen and expand assessment skills through exercises that develop intuitive listening and information gathering. “Seeing without your eyes” strengthens the therapist’s ability to sense the client’s energy at a single point, in a meridian, and throughout the body. The “art of abdominal assessment” at this advanced level is demonstrated and practiced throughout the course.

Students explore the 8 Extraordinary Vessels through an in-depth understanding of their function and how they impact deeper layers of internal health. Students learn to assess and treat the energetic balance/imbalance of each vessel through working with the opening points.


Students examine the Five Elements in depth and associate them with common clinical conditions, incorporating key components for assessment and treatment using both 8 Principle and Five Element frameworks. Students explore the Yang (Fu) Organ systems and their common disease patterns. Students experience how to assess and treat a large number of conditions including Irritable Bowel Syndrome, constipation and diarrhea, stomach ulcers and stomach heat conditions, bladder infections, and gallstones. The Five Elemental or Transporting Points are incorporated into assessment and treatment planning. Advanced ampuku and abdominal techniques are introduced, practiced, and integrated into treatments. This class will also cover treatment of pain, the healing process, and long-term case management. Each class will begin with meditation, followed by a short lecture/discussion. The bulk of the class time is spent in practical exercises and session work focused on developing intuitive skills and technical excellence.

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